Bringing Back Old Events

Perhaps before deciding to remove events, a in game poll/survey may help PG determine if removing events is a good idea or not, though is understandable to want to bring new ones out so events do not get boring over time. Have seen it mentioned here, and others talk or comment out in game about the old events that have been replaced by the ones we have now, seems many would like to see them come back, two in particular, Tug of War and King of the Hill, along with bringing Feeding back to run along side Breeding event as a minor event, and could even match Fortification with Assault in same way. So, let take a poll on how many would like to see this happen :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Tug of War
  • King of the Hill
  • Breeding/Feeding
  • Fort/Assault

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Please stop with the idea of feeding and breeding together, it would kill breeding. We do not need an event that is almost completely about spam feeding perches

I dont care what it is run alongside but Assault needs to come back.

KotH was fun but they’ll never let us have a pvp that doesnt have mega coins again.
Also Id rather have Conquer the World back over capture the flag. We dont need 2 of the same pvp in the cycle


Interesting opinion on “spam feeding perches”, that could easily be resolved by not allowing it to count in event. In my opinion, Mega coin was a mistake, and has created a unfair advantage for those that have the $$ to acquire them. Think they should be either removed, or make them to where they are earned in game somehow, and not as a purchasable item that creates a unfair balance in events.

Must not be awake yet, lol. Can you refresh my memory on the Conquer the World event :thinking:

I wasn’t here for Tug of War, but at least for the others…

  • Breeding/Feeding becomes a problem even if you remove perches from the equation. The amounts of food it takes to level higher-tier dragons dwarf the amounts that are available. Even now, food isn’t easy to load up on during Breeding, and that’s assuming you don’t have people with dozens of dragons to level. I suppose you could drastically increase food production to make up for that, but even then it becomes sort of an unpleasantly grindy event.

  • King of the Hill…I hear a lot of people rhapsodize over how this was The Greatest Event Ever, but at least in my experience (maybe it was just a lower-league issue?), it was at least as bad as Kingdom Wars. There’d be one or two powerful/high-spending teams that would take all the good castles, and fortify them so much with barricades that they were untouchable…leaving the other 20+ teams fighting for scraps. I wouldn’t be a fan of seeing this again without some major reworking.

  • Assault absolutely needs to come back, but I’d actually rather see it combined with Breeding. In Fort, there’s a lot of raiding for resources, and trying to build up your base, but in Breeding, it’s mostly just “Insta-breed, do XP runs whenever, and that’s it.” It feels like there’s more free time in Breeding that could be spent on Assault - not to mention the fact that it allows people to try their newly-hatched dragons on higher Assault tiers.


This is definitely one of those instances where you need to do a search. Unless you have some really great argument as to why feeding should return that has never been presented in any of the other bajillion threads on it then it was and remains a terrible suggestion.

KotH was amazing if your team was smart and coordinated, but would be destroyed by the megacoin, which isn’t going away.

ToW sucked, imho. The only cool thing was the flags that you got to have on your base from other teams. That would be a fun thing to have again. But talk about an event that’s pure megacoin fodder, oof.

Assault was fun. Offered nice prizes. Probably means we’ll never see it again.


You have made some good points here, so let me take each one, and comment on them.

This could be reworked as would be a minor event where it could be limited to only the baby (or babies if more then one) you just hatched. As do agree that you did have to grind a hell of a lot when was a full event in itself, even with teamwork.

True, reworking this one would be needed, with caps perhaps as to how many barricades could put and/or time limit on how long could hold them, the higher up the hill the longer you would hold it.

Let see if can add this to poll, and how many would prefer it along side of Breeding rather than Fort.
Will not let change :roll_eyes: But could be still be option if everyone would rather see it with Breeding if Feeding is out of question, as there is more free time in Breeding than any other event, especially with the instabreed feature in place now.

Heck NO to feeding. Let it go, let it go!


As said above, Mega coin needs to be removed, or be earned by all in game, and not as a item to be purchased. It causes too much unfair advantage over guilds that do not have them. Events should fair and balanced across the board for everyone based on teamwork, strategy ect…and not based on mega coin abuse just because you can affordable them and your opponents can not. Would rather see the Bonus Meter come back out to replace Mega coin.

Not going to happen. There is a small electronic bell that rings at PG corporate every time someone purchases a mega coin and a small cheer goes up. True story, I think. At least in my fantasy world. Imagine Wolf of Wall Street crowds cheering and you get the picture. :slight_smile:

I also imagine Walmart style mandatory morning meetings where a short motivational speech goes out and words like “liquidity event” gets tossed around and everyone has to yell “Break!” as they spread out for work. Arelyna also presents an “Employee of the Week” award that is actually a giant sized bag of Doritos. That would be awesome.


That’s about what 90% of the feeding event is. You dont find enough food to actually feed that many dragons that need over 1M food per level. All you’d be doing then is screwing up breeding both in terms of points and for people who chain breed multiple dragons each event

They want it to be unfair so that more people will use them in order to compete. Of course mega coins were a mistake that ruined pvp events, an extremely profitable one. They will NEVER remove mega coins and they will never make them earnable through anyway other than spending rss. Look at these morons with the top global ranks that are splooging dozens upon dozens of megas every day for low rewards

Conquer the world was similar to KW but you had a map of territory for everyone in the league and you could hit any team instead of just those around you so your location didnt matter


why was that one removed?

It was based on old coding, people didnt like it and it was similar to KW. I was still pretty low level back then so I didnt get to play it a ton but I think megas also played a significant part in killing it.
I’d gladly take CtW back if it meant KW could die

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Ahh yess, remember now, thanks :blush:

I’m going to go ahead and agree with others on “HECK NO!!” to bringing back feeding events. PG’s killed that event twice now. If they brought it back a third time, I might just quit out of sheer anger. I’m glad it’s dead. The reasons for it going away are many and they make sense.


Okay, let kill the OP for bringing it up :joy: Was just a thought of a limited one, to only hatched ones during breeding to kill rest of the time of event, as no, would not the event itself brought back, was too time consuming.

Fort/Assault i wouldn’t even consider an old event. They used to run assault in between events in the olden days.


No, your right about Fort/Assault, but many seem to want Assault to come back out, so put it in poll. Think is good way to get idea of what events old and newer ones like Assault others would like to see in game. Guess could have picked better title for thread, even though was more interested in what everyone would think on bringing back King of the Hill and Tug of War :slightly_smiling_face: Seems many do not like Kingdom Wars and Fight Pits much…

No one wants assault back if its being released as a joke again like last time.The people that finished first were the ones who exploited the glitch the fastest. It wasn’t any kind of accomplishment to finish


Who the hell voted for feeding? And why? Just laziness?

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Feeding wouldn’t be bad if they did a 4x food boost/ some kinda xp part of it implemented. it sucked because no one ever had food.

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