Broken distribution?

Shouldn’t the first 4 eggs in this auto-breeding be filling up somewhat evenly? The 2nd egg ended up filling 8 times (9 if you count the time I sent it to the incubator) before the first egg finally filled.

It’s about % chance. Some of those dragons have a higher % of getting an egg fragment than the others.


They all have different chances. One egg could have 5% chance, another 15%, another 35% and so on (hypothetical example). Even if they are the same tier.

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If you use this website to look for the parents of a Dragon you can see the % we are talking about :wink:


In short no.

I think ideally it should be arranged from left to right according to chance or something. (I never really looked maybe they are arranged by total cost)

But yeah I can’t tell what dragons you are breeding, maybe stormheim and pyrochis?

If that second egg is Slax (and I think it may be) it has a ~66% chance while the others are all under 10%… this would be considered a back-breed option for slax, and it’s one of the methods used tonget research and builders hut eggs.

If you are following a breeding path you should see the token costs are roughly what they are estimated to be. Stay on target.

Aha! Thank you for that. Very helpful.

I wish there was some sort of indicator on the eggs.

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Yes. Stormheim and Pyrochis. Sticking to the plan!

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As previously stated, they are not in any kind of order that I can tell. But I had to reply…


Sorry, couldn’t help myself. This is what enters my brain when I read/hear “Stay on target.” :sweat_smile:


Perhaps dragon order?

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I think you are right about that.


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