Broken Event. Let us SCORE!

I had to send this mail out to my team. It’s sad how bad this event design is. @PGJared @pgEcho

“Well PG has really messed up. This event design is HORRIBLE. It does not even promote spending / scoring.

We are limited by 6 / 3 hr intervals when trying to score. I did the math and it’s not possible for the team to get 40 members 82k + unless 10-15 members score ALL their points on islands what give -164 points per hit. Which is ridiculous.

PVP only has a 2 min window for when your hit will not count. Our schedules and commitments are completely ignored. It is frustrating, we all feel it.

Don’t let it stress you guys out too much there literally are not enough points available for any of us to get meaningful scores. 90k points per 6 hours, x 4 per day x4 days = 1080,000 total. 60k x 8 x 4 1,920,000 total. 3,000,000… /50 60,000. Think about how limiting that is.

90k / 15 (we normally have atleast 15 outside of US night hours sometimes more) 6k points each << that’s ONLY 3 supers each that’s 10-15 mins to score. PER FREAKING 6 hours. It’s annoying and frustrating to ALL of us WAITING to score.

All I want to say is don’t get stressed out. Let’s try our best to have everyone score atleast “some points” the event makes it seem like some teammates are being “selfish” etc but the sad reality is there just are not enough points to go around. Avoid Megas on Gustavo. Is all we can really do to allow everyone a chance to score.

Let’s get Wins on our PVP and put the dumb event behind us.



Unfortunately this is true. This seems to be the only event that makes the final Team reward very challenging to achieve. Seems we spend most of our time fighting each other for attacks on the big islands compared to working as a team. Good post @Master1991. A possible solution could be, once all islands are on cool-down, members can attack some sort of bonus island to make the final tier more achievable as a team.


How do you get just 2 minutes to hit pvp? Some of the morning ones if you can hit them only last 10-30 minutes, but the evening one lasts for a good hour or more. It’s the fact that there is only one or two at the most pvp islands outside of working / sleeping hours for two days of the event, and none at all on Tuesday that makes it hard. At least the pve islands cycle faster and have just about the same point payout.

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Wow I’m so glad to read this post. I was struggling with the fact I just had to ask one of my players to stop mega attacking becuase we needed some of these others to get points for team achievements. I unfortunately didn’t do the match to find out what you did so thanks for this post !

If you have 9 people doing megas, the island only lasts as long as 1 run does. If you have a coordinated team that makes time to cover the pvps, it’s not going to last longer than 2 runs.

Maybe the islands should work similar to the lockouts on who you can attack in a team; once you lock down a 10th island, the first one gets unlocked again instantly. That would give the teams that can keep farming something to do.

Not a problem I’m having in platinum 4 by the way, I’m happy enough we killed vampire island in less than 36 hours from the start :grin:

We are on top diamond teams where we are always on for the PVP events. when you have 60K HP and ONE megacoin gets you 9k points, that means 6 people get an attack in.

Of course you will say “then don’t use megas”, but then that means we will lose VP to the team we are against who DOES use megas and this, too, cannot be allowed.

I feel only diamond teams and some top sapphire teams will understand this. For diamond league, the HP on these islands should be tripled or quadrupled to 180k-240k to allow people to get more than one attack in. It is not fair for us to forego personal prizes and team achievements because there is not enough points to go around.

And before anyone says “attack the PvE islands instead then”, those only last around 2 minutes as well because we are all scrambling for points.

This event has the unfortunate potential to cause resentment among teammates who are able to get attacks in vs those who are not.

Why should i spend on packs and event energy when i won’t even get to use them? Surely PG can come up with a way to protect its revenue, too by increasing HP required for higher leagues. I’ve almost just given up on this event.


and unfortunately asking your player to not do megas means you lost the PVP island to another team who did best it faster; so it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario.

This used to be one of my favorite events in the game and now it’s just worthless. PG said “here’s a 1/2 price dragon. It’ll be discounted for 2 weeks, but one of those weeks we’re gonna make it impossible for you to get any sigils for it”


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I honestly don’t know about platinum. As many above have stated @session @Targ @Lutrus there just are not enough points. We are literally fighting each other for Persona achievements in D1.

To add insult to injury it’s the LAST week of 1/2 price dragon. So you can only imagine how frustrating it is.


Yeah different leagues. I’m in platinum and about 0.9k a run is the best I’m getting using 3xIF. Don’t think anyone is using mega so the PVP rounds do last over an hour and the PVE islands last even longer. Think I’ve only got just over 20k total points since this was the first day I could even hit the PVP islands.

It’s just as bad in p1 at least for the pvp islands it’s either everyone drop megas so we can try and beat the other team out or lose the vp… but that screws our smaller guys so I try and back them for pvp hits if we lose the island oh well… the team is more important

Our team is plat 2 and we have the same struggle just not to the same degree. We always have coordinated pvp isle attacks without using megas and ours last 2 to 3 hits. 5-8 min. Top three isles are closed in 20-30 minuets and if you’re not on in those brief windows points are impossible to come by. The cooldown on isles needs to just disappear. It’s a negative aspect to this event that can easily be overcome by a simple one minute reset.


@PGJared if even Platinum is suffering with this. You can only imagine what D1 is going through. You have awesome and committed players not being able to score… there surely is an issue here that needs admin / dev attention.

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I guarantee you if they introduce an unkillable island, or reduce cooldown, prize scaling will go up.

That means 99% of the player base will be affected just so the top 1% can score more points.

So from me, no, unless they promise to keep prize scaling the same.


The point is that the current scaling is wrong. @Grumpybigbird even if they do scale it “up” and actually allow everyone to score. It’s overall better for everyone. If you look at other PvP events they offer prizes after the “max” prize is achieved anyways for the infamous 1 % of players.

Making it so 60 percent of players cannot score is absurd and also not profitable.

If it get scaled up, it will be hell for F2P and most (if not all) E2P.


I’m sure pg will phase out the event due to bugs (read: low spending), so wouldnt be surprised if it doesn’t come around much anymore.

As for which group of players they want able to score, I’ll bet a full legendary set if they had to choose it’s obvious

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Or use different scaling per league. Massively increase the HP and drop the points in top leagues and drop it down as it goes down. try and get it even so it takes about the same time and same points pay out for all leagues, even with the top ones doing more per hit/per pvp island than we’ll get in the entire event.

Idk about low spending lol people drop megas like they’re free …I’m not encouraging that at all this time since last we had this event yeah we took first but a good many of our team couldn’t score any significant points because just a few megas killed the island

In comparison to wallet wars it pales.

The math makes it pretty much 10-12 megas per 3 hours.

Some other events the spending is literally that per 3-4 minutes.

Even the leaderboard makes this abundantly obvious.

Top scores in an event where megas give 4k points =1.5m

Top scores in an event where megas give 10k points = 500k. Lol

(ignoring the obv idiots that shaft their team so they can personally top the leaderboard.)

Also the drop-off is severe - so basically someone that made 1m personal points did so at the cost of their teammates.