Broken game? Pls help asap

So the day after the event started, my game just… broke. I cannot attack, use any of my chats. Mail, do events, use settings to call for help. Only things I can do is collect rss from my farms and get into forums on my game. Is there a logical explanation for this or? Cuz I’m lost, game is up to date, my device is up to date. Had to leave my team because I couldn’t do anything.

Anyone else have this issue?

Looks like the one we had experience a few years ago. Are you using data or WiFi?

I am having the same exact issues… they told me they are working on a fix but i have to wait patiently… i haven’t been able to do anything for days.

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Wifi, I don’t think it’s the issue. Even though if I try anything it says it is which makes no sense

@PGJared , you able to help me out here, I really don’t want to just loose my progress cuz of this nonsense? Thx

What is your device?

@moderators this issue has been fixed, you can close this now

Maybe it has for you. Has it been fixed for the original poster? @FatCobraK1ng are you still experiencing this issue?

that is my other accounts, im cobra :disappointed_relieved:

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@LizDrakemoor you can close it, that’s my other acc

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Ohhhhh :laughing: How was I supposed to know? :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Sorry shoulda specified lol