Broken tier rankings..... again

pg fix your :poop: will you
tier rankings broken again. our team is not there

How many poachers have you cleared?

enough that we are 16th global… but not in the tier

Sounds like you should be on the rankings.
Good Luck!!

Shout out to JDM!!

Same here


are you going to take a look at this??

is anyone at pg going to sort this or are we expected to just forget that we are gonna miss our prizes…

I logged a help job for this and got absolutely no help… very frustrating…

Ticket 1016152…have a look @PGDave … I’m not sure what else to do :see_no_evil:

We have someone looking into this now.

This issue should now be fixed, with teams appearing in the correct event groups.

Glad to see the teams were added to the ranking and got their prizes.

Pissed off that my team got Bumped down one rank by a team we didn’t know we were up against.
@Arelyna Ticket Number #1017638

The difference between our team and the team that got added to our Tier Group at the close of the event was 400 points. We could have easily pushed for the 400 points if we knew they were in contention for our rank.

(Edit to add Photo)
We were in a very comfortable 3rd place. Then got bumped to 4th in the final hour. This costs us 4 Dragon Shards and 21 Keystones, both in dwindling supply.

@Atops, we are truly sorry for this inconvenience this caused your team. Unfortunately, the rank at the end of the event is ultimately what counts for these prizes.

It’s not an inconvenience, it’s worse.
PG amended their programming error to reward the teams they originally missed, literally at the expense of other teams.
The least you could do is pay out the reward we were on target to receive before you moved the goal post during the final hour.

Technically, pg did the least they could do in this case :grimacing:

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