Bronze Chest Count

So anyone else notice that the recent update has removed ability to see the number of bronze chests we have accumulated?

No option to open large quantities either.


You can always just look in your inventory lmao


Good point, but typical PG that they work on part of the game and not actually make a change we’ve all requested.

Whilst opening chests it’s a lot less button clicks to check how many you have when they show there. One of the major rules of “user experience” is reduce the number of button clicks required to perform an action.


I trash most dragon missions if it requires more than 3 - I just can’t be bothered to do 4 or more taps.


But… but gold chests require more than 3🤯

Hence the “most”. Exception to the rule.

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Didn’t know 1 click took that much effort. But on another note, adding the dragons is a little bit painful, especially when you’re off by like 1mm from the “Select Dragon” button and it just deletes the whole tab.

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It’s actually much, much more than one tap. Two to enter the menu. For each quest, 3 per dragon: 1 to select the slot, 1 to choose the dragon, and 1 to hit “select”. 1 to “go”. 1 to exit the menu.

That’s 13 to do one 3 dragon quest.

If you ignore entering and exiting the menu it is a minimum of 10 per quest, + 3 for each additional dragon slot.

That’s 19 for a six dragon quest.


1 click was a hyperbole.

But still. It takes a total of 6-7 seconds at most to select 4 dragons for a quest. It’s really not that big of a deal IMO.

I still see the number of my chests in the top right of the chest field, red circle white number.

That’s if you have less than 1000. If you have more than 999, it just merely shows “999+”

The concern is that people will have trouble opening a certain amount of (bronze) chests without having to keep going back and forth. A vast chunk of players have more than 999 bronze chests.


Okay hear me out… learn how to count by tens :eyes:


You watch yourself opening those bronze chests? Go do something more productive lol.

I don’t think I’m alone here, but I don’t count or even look at the screen while opening bronze chests. There’s nothing to look at.

Edit: this’ll become much less of a problem if PG just hurried up with the open 100 (or X) chests at once.


Don’t need to. Takes 1 tap to open 10, count :weary:

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Dunno if I didn’t make it clear but I’m always doing something else while opening those. I don’t look, don’t pay attention, and don’t care about opening those.

Plus it’s more than one click. It’s more like click, wait 3 seconds, confirm, wait 1 second, repeat. Most of the time I just spam click in the same exact spot.


You really can’t multitask something that simple? Lol ok

You can read a book (comprehensively) and count your bronze chests at the same time? If so, good for you man. If not, I don’t see what you’re trying to say.

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UI should be as convenient as possible. Right now it’s not. Making an open x would improve the UI. Taking away the number that we did have makes the UI worse. Period.