Bronze chest drops

Whats happened to the chest drops during the event?

I haven’t had a single bronze chest drop and just 1 silver.

This has dropped from about 40 per day to 0 for this event!

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have you contacted support?

Before tagging any of the PG Staff, it would be better to send a ticket to the support first as they would also ask if you have sent a ticket.

They are on a holiday also so it will take time for the PG Staff to answer your question on this forum so go send a ticket for now.

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Seems to be an isolated case. I’ve farmed close to 100 now :neutral_face:

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reinstall might work. very weird but it helped me before

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but still contact support just to be safe.

Support usually will say the drop seems fine blah blah blah… So its best to just to it ourselves

they can provide additional help when it comes to drop.

will send a ticket in, thx

Had the same problem. First 2 days of event was no chests dropping in attacks. This morning i deleted and reinstalled WD app, chests are falling just as they should now.

I uninstalled and reinstalled WD a good few times, testing in between and it seems to have fixed it, chests dropping now, bit disappointed about missing out on the first few days chests but at least its working now,

thx for the help everyone :slight_smile:

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