Bronze chest Event Data

Do bronze chests yield more egg tokens if opened during a breeding event? Anyone trakcked data comparisons vs different events? I’ve personally opened and tracked a few thousand bronze opens but I’ve always done them in PvP for the inner fires and energy chests- I’m to the point of having enough of those and being open to considering opening them during breeding if it yields more egg tokens.

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I can’t provide with exact numbers, but yes, they tend to give more event specific loot.

Better than the gold chests which seemingly give you everything but what you actually need for the current event. If it is a breeding event and you need tokens, be prepared to be bombarded with black pearls.


I hope you get all the wood barricades your heart desires.

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Look up player SavageAFforPG’s posts. He might have post that answers your question. However, most of the ones I’ve seen from him relates to gold chests. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Could take some data for the next couple events to see. Only saved 200 personally but if a couple of us did that and put the data out we could put it all together to see

He has Bronze Chest data too… :stuck_out_tongue:
But I don’t update it as often.

Bronze Chests change little from event to event, but they change ever so slightly to give items related to the on-going event.

Here’s why I don’t track Bronze chests as I do gold… You need 10s of thousands of them. Literally.

If you opened 10K Bronze Chests during breeding, this is a very good estimate of what you would get:

OFC, opening that many chests at once… you’d probably lose whatever sanity you are still clinging to.

As for the OP’s actual question, no, not really. The likelihood of the drop within the epic category fluctuates slightly… But you get so few epic drops in bronze that it would make a difference only one scales in the thousands and thousands.

Basically, either save them all for the whole season and open them in the last week to see what goodies you have, or open them every time you have 10.

Always open any chests in sets of 10. Always.

Hope that helps.


If you have time to open 10k chests in a sitting then you need a new hobby or to get another job so that you can just get the gold ones😂

I trained my pet monkey to open chests. I figured that would be fine, since he’s not a person and doesn’t have his own account.

That’s not sharing, right? He can’t be bound by the TOS, so I figured it would be best if he fell under my umbrella. :man_cartwheeling:

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Sitting at 2040 bronze, 202 gold, 133k rubies right now, I’ll let you know how that goes ones I get enough massed for about 70k sigils.

Just prepare yourself for massive disappointment

Thank you savage for the data- I’ll compare it with what I’ve tracked in PvP opens when I get to work tomorrow since I have it there. I’m just shy of 3,000 bronze saved currently, I like saving them for season starts towards egg token bonus or when lines are on discount but we might not have a PvP during first two weeks of next season and in an interest of getting egg bonus quickly and making progress on hinter while on discount I’ll likely open even if a PvP isn’t available first two weeks.

Dont worry, this is where PG tells you all about grindability lol

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Grindable. . .

Yeah. That’s not really a thing after platinum dragons or level 40 towers. Unless we’re measuring on a geologic time scale.

I don’t think people want to see the numbers. They would be discouraged. I was.

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