Bronze chest sigil drop rate

This is more just for research purposes. What would you all say the percentage chance for a sigil drop of some form is from bronze chests? Currently doing the hypothetical math and a bronze chest only mythic.

I’m personally finding it around 5%. What’s your views guys

I tracked it during the summer season on my main account and came out with right at 5% for a 25 sigil drop in bronze on average.

PvP drops were slightly below, breeding and fort tended to be slightly higher.

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Works out to 1 sigil per bronze chest over thousands of chests on my dataset

:rofl: 75k bronze chests + whatever Neptus is to max


See grinders CAN get the mythic. Now get to it :blush:

:thinking: let’s see. 1.5 chests per run average = 50k runs needed. 2.5mins per run avg = 2,083hrs. Avg 4hrs grinding per day = 520.75 days. So maybe if I start now I can have enough chests for Summer 2019!!! YAY!!! WINNING!!! :rofl:


:joy::joy::joy: Somehow that sounds so depressing :laughing:

Heheh sorry was just saying in jest, not tooo serious

Oh but I am! Bring on summer 19! :joy:

Just save up rubies. Much easier than bronze chest madness :stuck_out_tongue:
You will most likely get Obsidian stone but we don’t know how many more stones will be released by then :rofl:

But I like a good grind. Who doesn’t?

As I don’t have level 1 ember, my grind takes away my heal pots.

Where’s the fun in that! Bring on the grind!

Trying to, i remember when i levelled up amarok to level 14 in 100s of runs when i was level 43. Now i don’t even have 100 heal pots :sob:

The good news is that those 75.000 bronze chests should get you quite a few healing potions too… Too bad you can’t open them until summer 2019 :grin:

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