Bronze Chests And Silver Chests

First Of All Wanna Thanks Crisis for The New Abysal Dragons and the New GiG one … But Narlyth PG must fix him cuz single Mistake cost Alot but He is an OP dragon after all if PG fixes the issue of the Red Spell … Secondly i Suggest if PG Removed all things thats are useless from both of Bronze and silver chests like Hammers Swords Sheilds Healing Potions and HP boosts … Hp dragon Boosts and so on i dont zmean they are So useless but PG we Can Forge those at Forge Building and For Some How i Got over 60k Healing Potions and over 3k Hammers on my Main Account Which is Rideculous … And For the Silver Chests u Cant put 500 runes Shards or 1500 Shards while we get Over 3M of them From Each line on the Seasonal Dragon Prizes … i Hope PG Change this Kind of Drops … And leave the Precentage its Fair … i know Some PPl will Not Like this watchng Me saying its a fair Precentage :rofl::joy: cuz they Got Low drops on Epics and Legends but seriously Guys if u are Grinder its Too fair … but most of PPl just open 100 bronze chests as a maximum opening and Say they are not Luck … he Guyz if u are F2P u Should saves abt 10k of Bronze to next Season to Get the first discount Dragon its Just Take much of time for F2P guys and if u P2P so u will be good u are already purchasing Rubies to Open Golds … Hope PG Think of Removing up Those Useless Staff from Bronze and Silver Chests
Best of luck all ppl here on WD <3 <3

please use some semblance of paragraphs and punctuation. Spelling and grammar are a plus too, but my eyes glaze over just trying to read this.

If you want good feedback, you really have to present your idea in an accessible format.


could probably save some time if you just… didn’t capitalize every other word


Narl is NOT OP. It definitely is not an easy dragon to fly, one mistake and he’s dead . People like you are why non-OP dragons get nerfed to nothing. Stop.
Just because a dragon can run a base doesn’t make him OP. Please know the difference before throwing out suggestions that are not accurate and not helpful.
As someone who defends like crazy in atlas, I don’t agree that Hammers swords and shields should be taken out of chests , I need every hammer I can get. So I don’t agree there either. :upside_down_face:
Happy flying .




So I took a stab at reading the original post… IF I read it correctly (which I might not have, it was hard to puzzle out the very odd formatting), the OP is complaining that there are too many of certain drops in bronze chests. I would argue that new players NEED those drops, especially the healing potion drops. Just because you may have an abundance of one item doesn’t mean that others aren’t starving for that same resource.

Would it be nice if there was some sort of check that would look at how many you have of an item and then disable similar drops in chests? Yes. Though I doubt PG will do that. (The suggestion has been made before, more than once I think…)


Took one for the team :rofl::kissing_heart::hugs:


:unamused: Got 200 heal pots deficit this event…


I’ve got 2 hammers left :sob:

If you’ve got 3k, you either never defend, or you spend a lot of money.


In my case I had a lot of timers since I spent 2 years on a plat 4 team that didn’t need to do much defending. But during atlas attacks and the occasional odd war on my current team? Yeah, I burn through so many hammers…

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With this premise I would assume that you got tons of energy packs and inner fire too?

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Yep but not so many Just 1400 inNer fires and 230 Energy packs

Thanks for ur Comment i Respect guyZ like u

u Can use brother Forging from the Forge building or PG have to remove this Forge from game cuz its useless ppl depend on chests common as u saying @OrcaFrost and do forge building only for gears … which will be more Useful

Nope. I burnt heal pots (200+) this event, and didn’t get enough.
Plus forge can still be used to forge other things.

See, I just don’t get this kind of mentality. The “Well I have enough for resource X, Y, and Z so therefore they must be completely useless and removed from the chest loot tables mentality.

You have enough. Congrats. Not everyone does, not everyone can. Why screw over the rest of the player base?


cuz most Of us at D1 have Tons of them :slight_smile:

Hooray. You are part of 25 teams in D1. So what? Screw the rest of the player base that aren’t those 1,250 players?

Lol the elitism is staggering.


HAahahaha i mean that PG cancel Commons drops from D1 , D2 and roughly S1 cuz S1 are so close to D2 otherwise below no cancelation

Hmmm. That is odd., with 60K healing potionsL you should more than what say you have right now :thinking:.