Bronze chests drop rate hasnt changed, while that of monuments was upgraded

Ive tested bronze chests drop rate on the short route (fly only the last two isles with 4 drop points). Ive decided to do the tests after monuments were obviously upgraded.
More than 200 short routes were done. Avg drop rate is still ~60% (60% of flights deliver 1 bronze chest).
Looks like PG are are still on the way of players perception manipulation. They speak out loud about big % drop rates changes here and there and the new good looking upgrades (forge, daily login rewards) which absolutely dont solve any of key problems in QoL.
Such a pityfull greed. There is a law in this universe - if you wish more ppl around loving you, just BE generous and cofeeling. Give yourself to the others and tgey will give you their selfs. But current model of PGs interaction with the player base (small humans society around you) is one very alike to cancer. Cancer kills the whole organism, finally. Its good to know that cancer simulates healthy activity to the immune system of an organism which makes it hard to kill. An organism “believes” that cancer is a healthy part till the end. Beware, guys.


No, the probability is slightly changed.

(Compared to last fort, the “nothing” is dropped from 90k to 65k) -edit→ (about 30%)

@PGCrisis @Arelyna,
Can you confirm that the probability of silver is nulled this event? (from monument, not battle reward)
Is it because of Mythic Ammo, or Treasure Hunt phase?


There’s mythic amo displayed in silver chest ? :astonished:

Yes there is this week it seems, drops once per 1800 chests.


Just saw it ! Wow… well considering my luck, i know I’ve got no chance but but any progress on the silver chest predictors ? :grin:

Unlikely to happen this week… It’ll be manual work I’m afraid, you can look up each drop in Orca’s lists and find out where you are and if you have a shot.

Just lucky, since literally it’s right after last event’s Mythic rage :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: (bought 50 silver for it)

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How many silvers do I need to open to know for sure ? To know where I am on the list that is :thinking:

Do you remember your last positions?
(Silver bonus, Legendary dragon, silver chest)

No :cry: but I am 2 chests away from the bonus if that helps

Depends a lot, the max would be 200.

You basically need to see one legendary dragon rune drop at least. Those drop every 100 normal chests, and may drop in a bonus chest too (10% chance).

Then some legendary dragon runes appear twice, so you won’t know which one you have until you get the next legendary dragon rune 100 chests later, or if you’re lucky from an earlier bonus chest.

Opening 10 or 20 chests will probably tell you how far you are from the next legendary at least, and give you an idea how many chests it will take to be sure.

Sorry. A cycle of silver is about 101 chests.
Also, you need to get 2 Legendary Dragon drop (or 1, if it’s mythic) :disappointed_relieved:

Hmm… well there dies the tiny bit of hope I had for a moment :roll_eyes:

30% was announced. That means i should have 80% chance to have 1 bronze from 4 drop points. But its still 60% as it was before.

Perhaps you need to hit higher :woman_shrugging:
The other parameter is same though (other than silver :sob:)

Well crap, I would have liked to know if I have enough silvers to get the mythic but I can’t remember any of the info I’d need to tell where I am in the sequence. But I do remember I had a lousy legendary (I think it was either lightning defense related or some sort of healing striker…) Sadly I can’t recall how many silver chests ago that was :sweat:

If it’s outdated tower striker, then most likely it’s legendary monument, not legendary dragon…

Yeah, I can’t recall the last time I got a legendary dragon drop… the last legendaries I got were both tower related :sob:

So I got a Mythic Warrior HP… I don’t think I’ll see the mythic hunter amo :sob:

:persevere: ouch…
Better make a note about the position then…
Hopefully next time…