Bronze Chests. There has to be a better way

There has to be a better way of opening them. I’ve seen many players suggest an open all or open a designated amount feature. Would a slider bar be out of the question? I’m all for anything that prevents me from having to spend what feels like an eternity opening bronze chests.

Would this break the game? I don’t remember seeing an answer from PG about this, just multiple threads where this has been suggested. I feel like this is an easy QOL win for PG.

Please explain to me what there is to lose. If there is, can you at least tell us why you won’t give us this feature?


@PGGalileo please put something like what he suggested into place to help open chests in main game…

Considering I currently have almost 6,000 bronze chests… it’s going to take me a long time to open all my chests next season.


Yes please, and if we could get this before the start of next season that would be super cool. I’m also north of 6k now and do not look forward to having to open them 10 a pop.
Please please pretty please


They heard the complaints of how slow it is and fixed the slow speed of opening them by adding a graphic that takes longer to view than it does to actually open the chests.

I think it’s safe to say they dgaf


Completely agree lol, this season opened 7.1k bronze and took me 40 minutes of my life, getting there again :upside_down_face:


Yes please…
Add an “open 100” or “open 1000” button please… or both

:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:



Much better thibgs to be improved than that tbh. Like the game bugs.

I also have to open a lot of chests twice a season. But at the end of the day its just once every 6 weeks. Not really a big deal imho.


It should be like mystic frags - allow you to enter exactly how many you want.


I’d guess it’s probably a security issue as well because they seem to want to slow down the opening process hence the graphics :man_shrugging:
Just a guess maybe someone here who knows more about app security and can chime in! :man_shrugging:
I’m curious if that’s why pg doesn’t like open all buttons? :rofl:

Yes… that’s my dream. But dreams don’t usually come true with PG :rofl:

At this point I’d take almost anything to speed it up. Doing 5k took forever at the start of this season, doing 8k+ is going to be a nightmare that will take hours of tapping
:sob: :sob: :sob:

We’ve seen from atlas chests that an open all can be done


Maybe it should be like auto breeder except for chests.

Eh, I’d say that this is something that wouldn’t take much away from other things that need improved. It would also be a significant QOL improvement and much overdue


They did it in Atlas!
Don’t see why not here as well?


How is it significant? How much time do you really spend opening chests?
I open in batches of around 6k twice a season. So thats around 45 mins every 6 weeks. Put something on the tv and click away.

Because that is a lot of damn tapping lol. 45 min to open chests is a lot


I’d think it comes down to is the slow opening a deterrent to saving. Kind of passive aggressive but if ppl hate it so much and opt to save less I’d say it’s a PG win.

How was getting the max monument boosts option or the open all option on atlas chests necessary? It’s something that makes a highly repetitive and tedious task easier. If you dont want it then dont use it but other people do want it.

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And does that mean I dont have a right to an opinion? Who made you forum police?

Monuments is every 14 days, atlas is every couple days, bronze chests is every 6 weeks.

You can have all the opinions you want but if you’re going to argue why we dont need it then others have just as much right to counter your argument. It’s not a feature that would impact you in any way if you chose not to use it

I know this might be shocking to someone as opinionated as you but the world doesnt revolve around you :scream:gasp :scream:. Someone isnt policing or silencing you just because they dont agree with you. :scream:

For you perhaps. Not everyone plays the same way that you do. Unfortunately this game isnt governed around your scheduel :man_shrugging:

I guess the question is why do you even care? If it’s something you dont feel we need then you dont have to use it. Why do you feel that others who have asked for it shouldnt get it? So far your argument has been that we dont need it because YOU dont need it :thinking: