Bronze chests update pls

Hey pg what u should do is add innerfires to every events bronze chests so people can start a small pile up on fires which will help people in pvps

Er… Bronze does have IF during PvP.
Just open it at the time.

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I think the bronze chests are actually pretty good. :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes but u could he collecting inners from bronze chests threw all events as it is a main item in pvp

Not just talking during pvp only :laughing:

You answered your own question right here :grin:


People open bronze chests outside of PvP? Fort and Breeding bronze chests suck so just save your bronze chests and open them during a pvp. Simple, no need for a change that’ll probably break the game. If they’re going to change the chests then they need to work on updating the gold chest drops. We desperately need a cost of living adjustment for drops

True… but I’ll be opening a bunch during breeding this week because I want the extra sigils for Gunnar while discounted. :slight_smile:

Wasnt a question was suggestion

Keep them as they are.

Right now people can elect to open them during any event they desire to get items depending on what they want. Leave people the choice.


RIP thread :cry:

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