Bronze chests what’s going on

Yet again another event with a lack of bronze chests , 6 from bases attacks in 2 days

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Drop % does not change :man_shrugging: Drop is the same as it always is during breed and fort!
I’m not sure how active you are but drop seems normal to this old legacy grinder!

The last good chest run was pulled recently and the community needs a new 500+ chest run because the last viable high level chest run i built is gone now sadly!

If anyone has a account they would like to use to help the community I’d be happy to help with the layout so it drops well for everyone !


If anything, I’m feeling pretty lucky with my chest drops this event. I’ve had a couple of double bronze drops, a gold chest and some silvers. Unfortunately, that is just the way it goes with drop %, plus other influences like confirmation bias that will easily tell you you are unlucky once you fixate on it. The drops will even out in time so your bad run is sure to end eventually :slight_smile:


Absolutely it’s about volume of attacking and the value of our activity is horrible so we have to really grind to actually get enough to make it worth doing.

Which is why most of the true hardcore grinders don’t stay long!

Yep because as you grow your activity becomes almost worthless as you approach end game to encourage spending which absolutely doesn’t work. lol

But it does cost us a large majority of a historically very competitive play styles.
It’s a shame we could use more competitive play styles!
Being it’s supposed to be a war game and all .:rofl:

This lack of adjustment to drop is a major part of the burden of play for all non spending play styles.
So sadly the only good advice is to fly more and meet Pgs insane activity demands to remain competitive without spending :man_shrugging:

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I have spent quite a bit of money in the past but realised money was better spent else where, build event last week bronze bronze was dropping like crazy, this event is pretty dry, I attack quite a lot to no avail

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Hit me up in game my names the same there as well👍
I might be able to help!

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I think PG decreased the drop rate of chests from chest bases… :face_with_monocle:

Drop rates seem normal to me

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But I’m not getting amy chests from chest bases, that’s just wasting of time…

So run real bases. Chest drops are also affected by your level vs the base’s level. If you’re hitting down chests are less likely to drop.

Again, seems average to me and I don’t think PG changed it for some and not others

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Real bases are also the same, hardly for 10 attacks I get 2-3 chests but some people get 2-3 chests in only one run.

The chest bases are 200 levels higher than me
I don’t usually attack down bases :roll_eyes:

Contact me In game my names the same there I might be able to help😎

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Ok Thanks! :facepunch:

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