Bronze & Gold Chest Modification

With all the topics concerning gold chests and sometimes bronze chests that have been started recently, I decided to make this suggestion. Please note that I’m not suggesting this for my personal gain, instead I’m trying to consider all the points made from the other topics and keep in mind different type of players (f2p/p2p, higher level/lower level, really active/not so active). I think that too many of the game resources rely on gold and bronze chests. Some of the items are considered a drought by a certain player type and other types of player have an abundance of the item. Without further a due…

Problems & Debate Questions

  • Should Healing Potions drop in Gold Chests?

Spenders in general have too many healing potions, on the other hand, low spenders have a tough time increasing the amount of healing potions they have. Healing Potions drop in bronze chests in small quantities, which means active grinders will gain more healing potions by grinding chests right? But because of the activity, they often need to use healing potions to continue attacking, this results in little healing potion gain. The level of the player doesn’t typically make a difference for healing potions.

  • Are there too many black pearls or too few black pearls? And should they be in gold chests?

Spenders in general get a ton of black pearls from opening gold chests during events, while low spenders obtain less. Black Pearl drop rate was significantly reduced in gold chests in the past few seasons and drop as a legendary x225. Low level players tend to struggle with getting pearls after the rate was subsided and higher level players usually have been playing for a longer time which means they have accumulated more pearls as the game progressions slows down. Black Pearls are only used to upgrade perches and not all players use perches or upgrade their (1,2 or 3) perches regularly.

  • Does the drop rate of Dragon/Base HP/ATK Boosts need to diminish?

Spender or not, players have a plethora of boosts and never seem to run out of them. Lower level players won’t have as much because they haven’t had as much time as the long term players to accumulate but is still really easy to find. The main source of the boosts is gold chests, bronze chests, event achievements, and event prizes.

  • Are the amounts of the items in chests reasonable depending on the player level?

There has been a lot of debate on all progress (egg tokens, timers, mystic fragments, etc.) chest items scaling towards the player level because as you progress more in the game, in order to progress further it requires more resources. Food packs, lumber packs and xp potions are currently scaled to player level.

Legendary Drops: x3000 Egg Tokens, x15 12h Speedups, x50 3h Speedups, x8 Mystic Fragments, x1500 Elemental Embers, x1000 Shards, x 225 Black Pearls, x225 sigils, x20 Inner Fires, x15 Energy Packs

Epic Drops: x 1100 Egg Tokens, x4 12h Speedups, x15 3h Speedups, x25 1h Speedups, x3 Mystic Fragments, x 225 Elemental Embers, x20 Healing Potions, x125 Sigils, x8 Inner Fires, x4 Energy Packs

Rare Drops: x300 Egg Tokens, x3 3h Speedups, x7 1h Speedups, x5 Healing Potions, x25 Sigils, x1 Inner Fire, x1 Energy Pack

Common: x1 Hammer/Shield/Sword, x30 Egg Tokens, x1 1h Speedup, x6 15m Speedups, 3 min Speedups?

  • Should event chests promote a better score in the event?

People buy gold chests to do better in the season or the event and to obtain items that help progress in the game. Players open chests during certain events aiming for a desired item(s).

  • What should drop in Bronze Chests?

Spenders tend to want egg tokens, timers and sigils to drop in bronze chests. Low spenders look for egg tokens, timers, sigils, Healing potions, Elemental embers, Inner Fires and Energy Packs. Higher level players don’t want ice or fire shards, and black pearls. Bronze chests are what reward active players.

Solutions & Ideas to Solving some of these Issues

Gold Chest and Bronze Chests will drop different items according to the following:

  • PvP Event Treasure Hunt Phase: Increased drop rate of gold chests and bronze chests from monuments.

Items dropping from Gold Chests: Sigils, Inner Fires, Energy Packs, Hammers, Special Consumable Spell Boost.

Items dropping from Bronze Chests: Inner Fires, Energy Packs, Sigils, Hammer/Shield/Sword/ new one?, Weaker Special Consumable Spell.

  • PvP Battle Phase of Event

Gold Chests: Inner Fires, Energy Packs, Speedups, Egg Tokens, Hammers, Sigils, Dragon Boost (very very low drop rate)

  • Monday (23 War Clock) to Next Event Start

Gold Chests: Healing Potions, Speedups, Egg Tokens, Mystic Fragments, Dragon Boosts (low drop rate)

Bronze Chests: Healing Potions (higher drop rate, maybe increased amount), Hammers/Shield/Sword, Egg Tokens, Speedups, Dragon Boost (low drop rate), Rubies?

  • Breeding Event

Gold Chests: Egg Token (high drop rate), Mystic Fragments ( increase amount), Speedups, Xp Potions (lower drop rate compare to rest), Sigils,

Bronze Chests: Egg Tokens, Healing Potions, Mystic Fragments, Speedups, Food Packs (low drop rate), Sigils, Rubies (use them however u want but in breeding because of the option to breed 30 eggs for 1500 rubies)

  • Fortification Event (1st Half of event)

Gold Chests: Elemental Embers, 12h and 3h Speedups, Lumber Packs, Sigils, Healing Potions (low drop rate), Hammers

Bronze Chests: Healing Potions, Lumber Packs, Speedups, Dragon Boost (very low drop rate), Egg Tokens

  • Fortification Event (Second Half)

Gold Chests: Black Pearls, Ice and Fire Shards, Speedups, Lumber Packs, Sigils (high drop rate)

Bronze Chests: Healing Potions, Egg Tokens, Speedups, Black Pearl and Sigils

  • Feeding Event

Gold Chests: Food Packs, Xp Potions and Boosts, Sigils, Speedups, Egg Tokens

Bronze Chests: Healing Potions, Egg Tokens, Speedups, Food Packs, Xp Potions, Sigils, Hammers

Above is still subject to change and the amounts and exact drop rate still has to be decided. It’s a basic overview of how to make more players happy with the chest drop rates.

  • The more of an item you have, the less chance of dropping you will have for the same item. For example if player1 has 5000 Healing Potions, she/he will have a slightly smaller chance to get Healing Potions in gold/bronze chests. I know this was proposed a few times before on the forums but wasn’t applied.

  • Egg Tokens and Mystic Fragments need to be scaled by the builder hut or incubator and Speedups need to be scaled by Storage Hut of player level.

Please think about it @PGJared @PGCrisis @PGCoffee @Arelyna


May I suggest an addition as well? Changing the silver chests. Doesn’t make sense to open runes that are outdated and basically just praying for it to be rage. Allow the silver chests to contain just epic drops and the final extra legendary.
I always enjoy to get a silver but just think of it as a bronze 🤷
Edit: typo

Yes silver chests need to be changed and @PGCoffee stated that they are working on new runes early last season. This topic is bronze and gold only, not silver. We’ll see if we get a wave of new runes added into silver chests.

Agreed. I liked the most the idea to ACTUALLY have a treasure hunt :star_struck:

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