Bronze league party

congrats pg on sending every team to a bronze league. We can finally work our way back to d1!


@Arelyna we were sent to bronze from D1 as well…

Maybe PG got sick of the higher leagues never waring so now they’ll just reset everyone so they can war their way back up over and over again :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m just getting this with nothing in the App Store, iOS.

Now that would be entertaining!

Since we are in bronze, could you give us 100% glory on every other team? Thanks!


We are gonna party it up in bronze woohoo :partying_face:

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We’re already working on it!

My team got bumped to P1, even though we’re mid P2

We have gotten out of bronze but now we are in s1 which isn’t where we belong either lol :joy: this is funny. Might need to cancel wars pg lol :joy: cause we definitely declared on some poor bronze team while we were down there :joy::see_no_evil::joy::see_no_evil::joy:


Good point. @Arelyna wars should be locked and cancelled. Perhaps look into locking them before league shuffle happens in the future?

can you connect this topic with the other identical?

Except some of us declared wars prior to all this. So that would also be kinda crap lmao


We got demoted from sapphire 3 straight to plat 3 lol

We should be in the middle of P1, we went from P1 to B2 and are now in S3. What a rollercoaster

We’ve been all over the place too, plat 4, bronze 2, sapphire 3 and now plat 3 in the last hour :joy:

We got promoted to P4. Doesn’t really feel like a promotion from S3…

I’m sure it’ll be sorted but it’s some funny stuff


We lost league ranking then got promoted from Platinum 3 to Platinum 1.

Nice job PG

My mini’s team got an email saying promoted to P3, but by the time I went to celebrate, we were in bronze 1. This game loads slower every day in Android. (We started in gold 3.)

Still in P1 though we’re mid P2.