Bronze/Silver chest ceiling?

So I’ve done a lot of runs this week. Over 3.5m medals gained so a lot… And I stopped getting any bronze or silver chests after I passed about 2.5m medals from destructibles in runs. Is there some sort of ceiling for them like after so many runs or so many medals you can’t get anymore? @PGJared @PGCrisis

Although I have gained over 1k rubies because when it stopped giving me chests it started giving me +10 rubies for destructibles.

That’s very interesting! Unless its a bug there must be a cap since the rubies drops are the direct replacement for chest drops.

Following to hear what PG says.

I’ve hit 4m medals on the week. I’ve gotten over 1.5k rubies and still no chests after about 2.5m

Must be a bug because you shouldn’t be getting rubies at all. You should put in a ticket. :corn:

As for 4M medals, that’s a glitch too. Triple digit players don’t get reset to zero each week.

Oops. Forget it. The rubies are better than chests. Don’t put in a ticket. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I’ve had chests stop dropping during events. Logging out, uninstalling, rebooting the device, redownloading the game, and logging back in fixed it, although that’s an annoying number of hoops.

If there’s a cap for bronze chests you can get over the course of an event, it’s very high. Any idea how many chests you got, this time?

What?? No way!

Was there a goat sacrifice in there at any point?

1 bronze chest is way more valuable than 10 rubies, also chests drop more often than rubies. When an event is up monuments will only drop chest, after the event, it can drop spells, rubies or 1/3 min timers.

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I disagree. I’d rather have rubies than chests since I’m converting rubies to tokens via speeding up missions. :grin:

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If the rubies dropped at the same frequency as a bronze chest I’d agree. My normal grind in between events nets very very very very little ruby drops whereas it would be a sizeable amount of chests in its place. In general I will for sure take 10 rubies over 1 bronze chest, but (for me at least) bronze chests drop like 50x as often as the 10 rubies

Assuming you do 100 runs during an event and than 100 runs outside of the event for rubies, you will still get more egg tokens from opening the bronzes chest u get during a breeding event.

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Good job man lol attacked entire WD community :joy: (no sarcasm there just kudos as I’ve never done that many runs in a week) my medal gets reset to 0 every week tho…

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Not necessarily so. Each ruby yields 2.67 tokens since I have elite and the bonus. So I’d rather have rubies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine resets above a million and each reset creeps up higher.

I actually started the week with 800k medals so still earned 3.2m. But regardless I never got another silver or bronze chest after it hit 2.5m

Wow Tuna. :hushed:. So you got rubies instead of chests after that? What would you rather, rubies or chests?

I was already assuming u had elite + bonus when I made that statement.
just for you I opened 40 chests to prove my point


That’s 1460, sure i got lucky with a 1.1k drop but switch that drop to a 300, that’s still 660 tokens. For 15-20 runs you’d be lucky to get 150 rubies. For the sake of argument lets say you get 200 which is about 10 rubies per run, that’s little over 500 tokens.

Even in the case that u break even on tokens, bronze chests are far less work than having to farm tokens, and you get a bunch of extra stuff in addition to the tokens

I save my chests for emergencies. Something Relic advised me to do a long time back. So rubies are more valuable to me. :nerd_face:

Edit: Deleted pic … TMI. :see_no_evil:

jesus god man. I have more silver chests than you, though :rofl: