Bronze? silver? What?

I see people talking about a bronze level primarch or silver… what is that about? Where is that nomenclature coming from?

It is coming from Atlas, a separate map available for teams in Platinum and above.
Atlas is complex, please search for Atlas primarchs, but in short it is kind of an attack ‘vessel’, you use to attack other bases or players. There are four different kinds for different purposes, and can be levelled up bronze - silver 1 - silver 2

Bronze = Low rank
Silver = Mid rank
Gold = High rank

Applicable to chests, league, and primarch

No Gold prim… yet.

The nomenclature comes from the laurel color around the primarch in the primarch tech tree indicating it’s rarity. There are also either 1 or 2 stars which further defines the rarity

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Look at the columns and the wreaths around each primarch pic.

  • First column, bronze 1-star – the fighter.
  • Second column, Bronze two-star.
  • Third column, silver 1-star,
  • Off-screen, silver 2-star.

The most important thing about the different tiers is the kill cap, the number of troops that the primarch can kill in a fight or have killed.

  • Bronze 1-star prims can only kill or lose 5000 troops per fight.
  • Bronze 2-stars: up to 7500 troops per fight.
  • Silver (1 and 2 stars): up to 25,000 troops per fight.

If you put more than 7500 troops on a silver primarch, you are risking a much bigger loss from one bad fight. Of course you can win more in one fight too if you have another silver primarch with lots of troops to attack, or castle guards.

edit: original release info with some tables that I think aren’t out of date: Version 4.38 Release Notes

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