Bronze vs Silver Primarchs

I was wondering if there is a real reason to avoid attacking silver primachs with bronze primarchs.

I’ve heard from many people that attacking silver primarchs with bronze primarchs is not optimal for glory hunting or that you’d get more glory if you attack a silver primarch with another silver primarch. I’m relatively new to the game and I know primarch’s mechanics has been changed a few times, so my question is:

Do things like the glory outcome, or the revive rate depend on the tier of the primarch I’m using to attack? Of course I know this things depend on the AP y DP of the primarchs involved and the outcome of the battle.

No the tier itself is not a factor, just the attack and defense of the prims.

Which of course does tend to be higher on higher tier prims, but a bronze destroyer can attack a silver 2 sieger with no trouble at all. Hitting a silver 2 destroyer with a bronze destroyer, however, won’t end very well, because of the attack/defense gap.


it also depends on your goal - minimize troop loss versus maximize glory per hit.

revive rate depends on number of flames earned.


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