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I would love to see a new feature enabling the user to browse his or her inventory.

Currently if you want to check how many timers you have, you have to click on an unfinished building or incubating egg. Not the end of the world.

The proposed inventory (maybe a new building on the Core Island, hanging off like the Rune Vault) would allow a user to view various items but more importantly, owned evolution stones that have not yet been used.

Proposed Contents:

  • Unused evolution stones
  • Timers / Speed Boosts (and a total time?)
  • Xp Boosts etc.
  • Spells
  • Inner Fires
  • Energy Crates
  • Various PVP event items (Siege Weapons and the like)
  • Black Pearls, Fire Shards, Ice Shards - (recommended by @BurivuH )

Is there any support for this feature from the community?
Are there any other things people would like to see in this building?

edit: extras added to the list

Possibility to take a better look

I agree I got abraxx so long ago I am not sure which stones I have for him anymore and haven’t found a way to check it


Sound like a reasonable suggestion, I’d like to see this feature.


Yes, this. I don’t even know what I ended up getting for Zamrok. I’ve slept since then.


To see the Timers and Xp boosts you can look in the Forge.
But i agree for other things it could be helpfull.


Evolution stones would be easier to see on the screen with dragon - always looking for it there (and fail each time…).
As for others - would be nice to see all that.
It woud be nice to see also amount of fragments, ember and pearls. Now you need to try to build tower, go to dragon peak, forge, … - many places.


It is unbelievable that this isn’t a default feature. Support can find those numbers quickly, can’t be that hard to implement.
And Atlas brings new parts to collect so another reason for an easy inventory check. Doesn’t even have to look nice as a building, another page inside Forge would be excellent already.


It could be like the section under the settings pages that allowed you to see the event dragon fragments of old devines. Something like this should be present so you could confirm the stone you claimed for an event dragon that wont be used for another 2+ tiers. That page could have the players id on it and could have screenshots taken to prove if the player had the stone/ IF/ Energy Packs/ MegaCoins(Valors)… It would help me as i have several hundred Screenshots on my ipad from each event regarding progression in personal prizes and seasonal branches, i also screenshot tokens and mytery fragments, as well as food/lumber packs and food/lumber production boosts. Long list, but all this could be in one place! It would make keeping track of our items much easier!


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