Brutus is vastly underpowered

@PGGalileo can you folks please look into why Brutus is incapable of killing undefended towers he’s balanced for (lvl 43 well equipped vs any bank of 100s, especially farms). Can kill some, but lacks the power to clear undefended. He’s weaker than the Eldritch legendaries and probably weaker than the Abyssal Mythics.

He should be able to clear this undefended. He sure won’t with just a single defender. 70% with 3 defenders needs to be viable and he’s far from it and is an extremely poor value for 500k egg tokens.

His dmg boost spell does NOT get the job done. It turns it from “you have got to be kidding me!” to “seriously?”

His AOE spell does very little damage and the freeze time is too short. I don’t expect a 2-3 tower death spell, but I could defend against this guy without even joining.

His red debuff spell doesn’t help enough and if there’s a red mage, you’ll struggle to kill it anyway.


You noticed that too huh

yes it is thats why its steady on perch haha

PG’s Response probably like , “It’s working as intended” ,
In PG’s dictionary , warriors should not be strong and good for perch. ( Some exceptions rarely occurs) .


You should only be surprised when a warrior doesn’t suck

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There have been good warriors. The problem with this one is he’s arguably the most under powered warrior ever released.

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yeah , thats why i mentioned “some exception Rarely occurs” lol,

i have GIG , one of the best warrior i have .

Brutus is the warrior right? That’s probably why it’s a bad drag
Great for perches though

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Sorry, but while it may often be the case, I don’t buy into the he’s a warrior so he should suck mindset. All classes should be viable.

He’s a half million tokens. That ain’t cheap at all. The age of dragons that suck needs to go away. They are too damn expensive.




I think it is absolutely necessary for PG to re-test Brutus. He is probably the worst mythical rarity warrior ever released. And it’s probably also the worst of the 3 mythical Eldritch. It only took me 11 seconds to kill that dragon. Mordred is absolutely too very strong, that dragon is unstoppable … while Brutus is really weak.


It’d be great if they’d balance warriors
However, the reason right now that they are often underpowered is that they are much easier to fly. If the maximum potential of say Cerberath was that of Medusys, Cerberath would be overpowered because it would the same potential as Medusys with half the skill required to fly it.

I would 100% be interested in a difficult-to-fly warrior. That’d be awesome!

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I didn’t say he should be a click and go get a beer while he does the base dragon.

But he cannot kill undefended towers he is supposed to be able to. Forget one, two or three defenders. He is grossly underpowered.


While I dont have him yet he cant be as bad as girasol (obsidian mythic warrior)


prob the same he can only damage half way on storms on good bases and dead

I’ve had the “pleasure” of trying to defend against Mordred this event. Could not scratch it and it’s not like I have a tissue paper base.


You have toilet paper?


A hunter with essentially elemental resistance and infinite ammo, what could possibly go wrong


Cheers for our dragon testers haha :rofl:. Great job.

Wait what? Why? 70% shoukd not be viable with 3 defenders using a warrior.

I don’t disagree that dragon is a disappointment and is perhaps UP… but I do not want to see another OP warrior.