Bubbled Castles Benefits

Ok so I’ve noticed there are certain teams that aren’t afraid to bubble and just bubble all the time and cooldown in thier most active time every day and never get hit, and then just bubble again and hit through thier bubbled castle and also thier passage does.
Anyhow that’s my problem but I think if your castle bubbles you should lose all bonuses related to that castle and lose the use of passage and 5ta passage on that castle until you aren’t bubbled anymore. I figure there should be more punishments for bubbling, to stop or punish those one time zone teams, vs those teams that try and never bubble. My opinion shoot me if you want, but I think if your castle is bubbled then it should no longer be active until it’s no longer bubbled.


Bubbling already makes you susceptible to conquering. That is a built-in negative mechanic.

But, you also have to allow for strategy. Bubbling is technically part of a strategy.

Also, with the way some people play this game, bubble time is some of the only sleep people can get because some people like to make this as serious as possible and neglect to remember it’s supposed to be a fun game/hobby; not to live your life on it.

But, that’s just my personal opinion.


So all those who have castles behind a gateway will be even less accessible? No, it’s not a good idea.


Easily exploitable when hitting down . HARD NO !


Vulnerable but yeah that’s the idea :point_up_2:


ill say this careful what you ask for because pg can disable your rewards during pvp lol remember they give with one hand and take with the other

Why did you just give them the idea?

It is how they work :joy:

That’s exactly what bubbles are for and this would promote “hitting down”
Let these guys have a break.
There’s plenty of targets to hit while your target of choice is bubbled.
The cooldown is a thing already and if servers were fixed to allow smooth mass raids, this would never be posted whatsoever

Also, don’t forget about timezones. Teams exclusively running a certain language / timezone need these bubbles as a breathing room. Again, the cooldown already poses a huge threat and reduces the incentive to let the bubble happen in the first place

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