Bubbles during holiday weeks

I sent a message to pg about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They are both non pvp weeks which means we have to spend all week fending off attacks and preventing our castles from being taken. I myself travel to see my kids in another state. It is a long drive. I can’t be on to drop shields etc. I would like to see the castles bubbled during these family times so our war dragons community can spend time with their families. Any thoughts?

I’d rather not, since I’m off work a week for thanksgiving and 2 and a half weeks for Christmas. It’s a great time to get glory.

There are 5 officers, a leader, a governor and a Marshall who can drop the shield. It’s not all on one person.


what about people who don’t celebrate any of those (or dislike their family)? I’ve got some Wiccan holidays coming soon, and I would like them bubbled please

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I have to celebrate being a crazy old cat lady and need bubbles too.

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As was mentioned, you shouldn’t be running the show all by yourself. Make sure enough officers and non-officers have adequate permissions to oversee your castles and you will be fine.


Get your family onto War Dragons. Then you can spend your family time hunting glory together, as a family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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How very America/Christianity focused.


The family that slays together, stays together? That’s kinda dark :grin::grin:


That’s what the Pilgrims said


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