Bubbles should be red zones, not safe zones

I was just thinking how it would be good to be able to attack an enemy primarch on a bubbled castle.

For example, if a castle bubbles then both the castle, and the primarchs of the team whose castle it is are both protected on the castle and prohibited from hitting on the castle. BUT, anyone else can attack a non-resident primarch over the bubble.

This would allow for a pre-emptive attack on a would be sniper moving in to a castle.

Essentially, bubbles should not be safe zones, they should be red zones for all but the castle owner.



Interesting idea but it goes against the goal of PG to encourage castle turnover. This change would allow friends to clear a bubbled castle so guards could be added at no cost to the defending team.


Interesting. I might be going into the realms of unprogrammability here, but maybe if that is the case a Primarch could “state its intentions” so that if it plans to sit on the castle and wait for bubble to drop it cannot be attacked either, but also it cannot move beyond the bubble.


I think that with a similar solution, it is enough for the team that has a bubble castle, to empty the castle from the primarchs simply, so it would change little

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Can’t agree with this. Seems like yet another idea that is basically “please make my deep castle more difficult to attack”. This message courtesy of the people who brought you “please make entry castles easier to attack”.


Nah , anything encouraging more castle defenses ,Nah