Buff Avernic! Yes!

Yeah I said it. Everyone wants the other two nerfed. Let’s just buff avernic and have done with it!

Double its attack power, increase its attack speed, and make it’s toggle shield white. Done! :joy:

Oh, and increase its flight speed too. Yay for fire dragons!! Ooh err, I mean, yay for sorcerers….no, wait…dammit…let me get this right… Yay for consistency! Destroy every base! :partying_face:

(This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I love my fire types…nothing I tell you!)

^ Look at how sad he is that he doesn’t get to have that power. See how dead inside he looks. Cruelty to dragons!!!

Look at that face. LOOK AT IT. Breaks my heart :face_holding_back_tears:


The dragon is very strong but lil tappy , and his only downside is that is very slow . I don’t think it needs buffs and highly doubt it PG will even consider one


I’d be happy if they would give it the ability to kill the warded tower without having to use an extra spell on it.


Do not speak of warded towers. You’ll make Avernic cry AGAIN. Do you know how long it took me to console him last time?


Kinda looks like metal greymon


Finally!!! This thread has emerges.

Nerf hunter and warrior or Buff the Sorcerer.It’s an easy choice.Buff Avernic for the love of Dragons.
This thing dies in my base everytime I see it.

Deep inside I am happy it is not barbend or krygant attacking me.


The sorcerer does need a buff to be viable


Well this attempt didn’t last long did it?

Even any point tagging the powers that be @DragonPunch etc?

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I don’t think a lot of people claimed it so less feedback because of that

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That or their bad listeners. I kinda am and I still have Avernic and I hate him.

I wanted a fire mythic, so I claimed him. But there shouldn’t be this much of a difference between 3 ‘mythics’. Really what we have here is 1 mythic (avernic) and 2 exotic dragons.


Sadly PG doesn’t hear the voices of Avernic owners.


The problem i think is that many didnt picked that dragon. So they struggle to collect data


They have thousands of players. Even if their sample size is smaller, they have plenty of data

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