Buffing the Elemental Ice Flaks

Proposal: Bolstering the Elemental Ice Flak Towers

Here are a few links regarding the ice flak. If you have NOT read these posts, for more information, please do so: 4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes
Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!
Warning! Don’t build ice flaks!

Initial Release of the Ice Flak Towers


PG released the ice flak towers on January 31st, 2018 during the Wintertide Season, along with this came the tower balance changes (one of the links above) which drastically nerfed the Fire Turrets, Fire Flaks and Dark Flaks. Many players complained about the changes so right after the tower balance changes, PG changed it so that only towers above Lvl 42 Dark Flaks, Lvl 45 Fire Turrets and Lvl 46 Fire Flaks will get affected by this change. The Ice Flak, however initially slowed the hunter ammo regeneration (secondary effect NOT supershot). Majority of the players on the forums disliked that effect, so it was removed shortly. Ice Flak’s attack power was created according to the “nerfed towers,” this is the reason why the attack power is so disappointing. The people who built the ice flak, like myself, want the ice flaks to be buffed or a refund for all the lost elemental embers and timers. Let’s hope PG elevates the potential of these towers.

Stats & Information

For more information about attack damage see: Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!

  • Supershot will disable a dragon’s ongoing duration spells and block other spells for being casted for 1s after a 2s windup duration (includes ALL active spells). The range of the supershot is 70 (equal to lightning towers basic attack range). The supershot deals damage equal to its basic attack and can be dodged by cloak, timeshift, dissipate, etc.

The supershot of the Ice Flak Tower will NOT cast during a cloak spell, disable a passive spell, steal rage or do extra damage.

  • The Ice Flak’s range is the farthest in the game compared to all other towers. Other attacking towers (cannon, archer, lightning, trebuchet, storm, ice turret, fire flak) have a range of 70. The Ice Flak’s basic attack range is 83 which now is the longest in the game.

  • Fastest Attack Rate of the 3 Elemental Flaks


  • The attack damage is too mediocre for an elemental ember tower let alone a flak tower. Because of this players won’t build ice flaks.

  • Supershot’s windup time of 2s is way to long or unnecessary because it is so easily avoided by hunters. Also, defenders have a very difficult time timing the supershot activation because the Ice Flak is often destroyed during the 2s.

For a video of this see: http://forums.wardragons.com/t/ice-flak-ss-ward-off-with-hauheset/30453

  • Supershot does NOT do any additional damage.

  • Supershot duration (disable spells) is way too short. Actually…1s of not being able to use your spells…seriously? The supershot is practically useless.



  • Increase the Ice Flak attack damage according to the old tower attack damage. This tower should do less damage than the Dark Flak. Damage comparison with the Fire Flak is debatable. Ice Flak Towers have the longest range and fastest attack rate of any tower in the game. With that being said, maybe the damage should be less for the basic attack.

Depending on the basic attack damage, the supershot damage will be modified accordingly

  • Remove the supershot windup completely. It should fire instantly so hunters cannot easily avoid it and so that it isn’t destroyed while winding up.

  • Please add additional damage for the supershot so that this supershot can be used in more situations. For example, if a dragon has no rage OR doesn’t have white spells, players still can activate the Ice Flak supershot for additional damage.

  • Increase the duration of the supershot to at least 2s.

Other Possible Changes for the Ice Flak

  • Supershot disables already-casted spells. For example, if Necryx casts sand but doesn’t hit a tower with sand, the sand that is currently in Necryx’s mouth will be gone.

  • Supershot is invisible. The Ice Flak moves in a certain way when shooting supershot so still is possible to dodge.

Final Statement:
PG please bolster this flak ASAP!! Players want to know if they should start one or continue building an Ice Flak. Post below your thoughts on the Other Possible Changes section. @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGPulse @PGEggToken


Personally this issue isn’t just about the ice flak. Towers across the board are way out of wack and the whole thing needs to be addressed, not just a single tower.

Appreciate your thoughts, but there are too many ties to other towers and balance issues for me to make an actual statement.

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Towers across the board are to be addressed in:Open letter to PG
Also this issue has been addressed in the tower balances post

Hahahaha I’m aware and I’m a supporter of his posT and am aware of the balance issues threads :joy:

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Nice post man, one step at a time.

The spell disabling part needs actual testing to find out what effect it has is reasonably strong.
Also, may consider a secondary ability to bridge the gap. Slow down hunter ammo effect was given to ice turret. it was not abandoned to target hunter less. So ice flak as a single tower targets less at hunters but the slowing ammo regeneration effect is still there. If the spell disabling time isnt changed, maybe the secondary ability of ice flak could be lengthen the cooldown time for spells. All these are possible, just need real world testing to see which ones work the best


If you look IG, you don’t see the hunter ammo regeneration in the ice flak info page. In the original post, there is a picture of this. I think the slower ammo regeneration was removed…@pgpulse confirmed in another post.

PG already confirmed that their next step is rebalancing Ice Flaks (and Farms/Mills aswell I think):

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I was unaware they nerfed the Slow Hunter component of the tower.
It’s the only reason I built one.

Lol it was moved to ice turret. Pretty sure you have one right?

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