Bug: Aerow effective speed bonus about 23% not 50%

Here are timed videos of Aerow vs Helmin flying the invader base:

Although Aerow raw base speed in game resource files is 6.3, which is indeed 50% higher than the 4.2 value for most dragons, in most of the practical cases (with towers present) he seems to quickly slow down to the same speed as the other dragons. The effective measured speed of completing an easy base, without using any slow spells, is only 23% higher than for another dragon.

It is clear that the slowdown dynamic is there to have a better chance of clearing the base. But when the dragon’s main feature is his 50% greater speed, it is logical to presume his slowed-down speed would also be 50% greater than that of a regular dragon. I (and perhaps others) want Aerow for speed, not for soloing tough bases. Maybe this slow-down dynamic can be fixed, even though it might take more than adjusting one base speed value in the game resource file.

Suggested solution: make Aerow’s “slowed-down because of towers” speed also 50% faster than the other dragons.

Tagging @DragonPunch because this seems like an important aspect of a current season’s mythic, on which many players base their choice or the decision to pursue a mythic at all.


Can you do it again on an empty base? like one of those bases with only perches maybe.
I really think that it’s all about towers.

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It was @Gortex who made the videos, I am not good at that, and I don’t have Aerow yet (thinking if I should still choose him actually). Maybe he will like to run that on something like EmberChestBase, or maybe not. That is a bit beside the point of the effective speed bonus for most of the practically useful cases.

so the passive only applies once there arent any towers in front of aerow?

So every dragon flies at same speed in front of towers.Aerow does not have bonus 50% during these time?

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I know I know, I’m just curious.

Maybe not at the same speed, the result made up of 50% greater speed when there are towers and the 50% when there is nothing in front of the dragon gives that 23% total in terms of seconds.
Still good IMO, keep in mind that if you aren’t facing everytime maxed bases, you can skip 7/8 where usually there are just low lvl towers

I want Krelos all over again then.:joy::rofl::grin:

It’s no different to other dragons, eg Hau2, so it’s not a bug.

Great idea. Let’s change a fundamental part of how dragons fly :man_facepalming:.


I was only speaking of adjusting the slowed-down speed for one specific dragon. Of course there are risks with every change, but they can be limited.

This was debunked in that thread. The speed of Regular drags is 4.2 in the game files. For aerow it is 6.3

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Did you read beyond the title? I mentioned that right there in the summary.

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I’m a laz-busy man. I saw the post that was linked and responded.
It really isn’t accurate to compare it when there are towers, nor is it accurate for me when I don’t fully understand game mechanics.
I’m confident to say it works correctly, I just don’t fully understand how this game counts stuff.


Yeah, they will probably write this off with something like, “The speed is technically correct, which is the best kind of correct” :joy:

I am just rooting for any small chance to get a dragon that is actually 50% faster on real bases, because there are so many chores in this game, and my Krelos will be outdated soon. Farming the beasts for gold is such a typical case for this, and the videos show it is not so fast.

You know what? Krelos also isn’t actually 3000% faster, even though the game data says it should be. It’s fairly clear the speed parameter in the game isn’t as linear as you’d expect it to be. While you could argue this is a bug, it’s also what this dragon (and Hauz) have been tested and balanced with.


He was made faster to compensate his slower spell set…being fast only was never his goal.

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Maybe they need to remove “Supersonic Captain” from his title


Yeah looks definitely subsonic so far :joy:


To me, beside aerow being a hunter, his greatest perk is his speed increase for destroying undefended atlas bases. Without the speed increase and IF his speed increase is muted by tower presence, THEN an end of tier base with 8 full islands would never reap the benefit of his speed boost since it seems tower presense slows him down. Like many things, this is the fine print to a showcased product. Good to know he is only faster on short islands that make you fly 8 total islands, but otherwise comparable to regular dragons when towers are in front of his flight path.


Ok so if Im reading correctly you want it flying faster 50% on tower presence cause you want to clear a max undefended base faster.
And what happens when the base is defended? Then you turn the Defended switch on?
Not to mention that this mechanic was same since I’ve been playing this game, which is 4-5 years now.
Also, destroying towers in front of you will make it fly faster, if ever so much. Just like any other dragon speeds up until it reaches an Island.

I doubt it would beat max anything without the slow down spells anyway, but yes please, some bases at least, as one would expect from the advertised 50% faster speed, the title “Supersonic Captain”, and the whole supersonic jet look.

Nothing special, you either slow down with your stronger spells to deal with the shields and supershots, or you try to fly through and leave it to a clean up dragon.

I am not asking to change the mechanic, just keep the speed bonus consistent at both speeds. Empty base speed 150% of normal, and speed with towers slower but still 150% of the normal speed with towers.

I know, thanks. The video of the test referenced shows that the effective speedup on a typical base is nothing impressive.

Asking to change the mechanic is exactly what you are doing.

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