Bug and glich or internet problem

Hey guys please help my teammate he’s doing this problem for many days please fix this. My teammate name RatxSpit in game.

Refresh the game easy as that you can’t permanently fix that cause internet trafficking and traffic in general.

He’s try too connect five people’s hotspot but he’s faced same problem.

may be ur friends phone doesn’t support this game🤷

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Lol he’s playing in new ipad in 6 months.

I get this issue a fair bit as well there are a couple of things he can try.

  1. Phone restart just to clear cache and refresh everything. If thats still popping up once a day then -

  2. Try to do a mobile hotspot from your mobile phone, or try to be closer to the modem or see if you can connect to a different MHz band on the modem. Most modern modems offer a few different bands so that they can support multiple devices. Some old modems smart switch between devices and cycle them so you could also try to dc some devices.

  3. If you know your pocket ID, password and have control of your linked email account then I would delete the game and re install it. This game has a habit of getting itself frequently corrupted.

Good luck!!

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