[bug] Atlas alliance chat glitch


Found a pretty simple bug. Sometimes, when moving directly from one team to another team, the alliance chat tab disappears. It may be affected by the first team being within the second team’s alliance; we’re doing a merge under these circumstances, and everyone new is having the issue.

Workaround: Uninstalling / reinstalling does not seem to fix the problem, but quitting the team and rejoining does.

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Having your team leave and rejoin the alliance should work. It’s likely this is the same bug that caused people to not be in alliance chat before the UI changes


A team mate of mine is having the same issue. We don’t want to leave alliance chat and re-join since we are the leader of it. Not fair for him to have to quit team and re-join losing bonus and prizes in atlas event.

Is there a max of 250 members in a chat group still? Maybe this is why? Someone who left a team didn’t leave the chat? Not that the user has control over it…

Support told him to quit the team then rejoin. Edit: His (Apollo) ticket number is 1355543. Maybe you can help from the PX side @PGJared ?

edit: The odd thing with this case is that he was already in this alliance as he is switching teams within the same alliance. Maybe that’s part of the key to the solution?



I had a quite few members in my alliance swap to another team within the alliance and they all had this issue. In every case it was fixed by either the teammate leaving the team and rejoining, or the team leaving the alliance and rejoining. It will probably be faster to wait until you can do one of those things, than to wait for PG to fix the glitch…


Hi there,
I’m getting tired of being stuck in this old Alliance chat since May 2018 and no fix from PG. If I did this suggestion of yours, , would I lose everything in Atlas thus far? And if I did this, the question is, Do I join a non-atlas team, and then rejoin my current atlas team… or does it have to be an atlas team…to atlas team? Ideal outcome is not to lose current Atlas accomplishments and be in the correct Atlas Alliance Chat.


You should be able to simply leave the team (team meeting hall, fourth tab, leave team) and then rejoin; in my experience this fixes issues with alliance chat. No need to join another team. You will not lose any progress in atlas, you’ll just have to resummon your Primarch (my alt switches between an atlas team, a non atlas team, and no team quite a bit, I’ve not lost any progression except if I accidentally leave my Primarch parked at my teams castle they sometimes attack me because I look like an enemy after I leave).


Quitting my team and then rejoining did not fix this issue for me. Ticket #1301621 was submitted months ago where that was suggested. I attempted and responded that it didn’t work. Lost all event points and atlas event points when it when I tried. Three separate occassions within that ticket I was told it had been submitted to the “team”.

To date I have not received a response from anyone at PG and now the ticket is closed by customer service.

I would really like to be in the correct alliance team to help my team and my new alliance but I guess that will never happen since I asked and submitted tickets just after the last mass banning occurred. How long has that been now…9 months or so I think.


Thank you for the info, it didn’t work. PG said they are working on it… but it’s been since May.


That’s strange. Maybe try PMing Arelyna with the ticket number? Not sure if she can fix it or not but she is always helpful


Tried all of the above and still no fix:
Since May 2017, I haven’t been able to be removed from the wrong alliance chat, therefore unable to be in the right alliance chat for atlas. PG says they are working on it, after 6 months now… no word on a fix. I’m not the only player in this ridiculousness situation. An alliance chat suggestion: PG please put me in the right alliance chat and delete the wrong chat.

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