[Bug] Corthanak’s ghostfire blast(doesn’t do damage)

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that ghost fire blast doesn’t deal damage consistently.

For example:

  • First run: Double ghostfire blast on the same island-> 2 times full damage
  • Second run, same base: Double ghostfire blast on the same island-> only the first ghostfire blast deals damage.

Is this a bug?

I have recorded a video about this. Since I am only allowed to upload gifs:

@PGJared Could your team take a look at the spell?
Edit: ghost fire blast, not breath. My bad😅

P.S. Happens on other islands as well.

P.P.S. I submitted a ticket[1164158] regarding these spell issues.

Ghostfire Blast.

And weird! Did you submit a ticket?

Not yet. I was hoping to get some input from the community (and maybe Jared/Jared’s team) before submitting a ticket.

I’ve seen this with Summer’s Purification as well; I that think that it’s getting caught on some part of the terrain.

It also fizzles as do many other spells like:

Spell flux
Southern cross
Death Stare

And no, I did not fire before I was done turning. I waited, I cast, it did zero to little damage.

Still no sensible response from the support team after two days. An apology for the construction time was the only answer I’ve received so far. Doesn’t really solve the spell issue(not the other glitch stunning towers permanently).

Could you forward this problem to the devs? @Arelyna
Ticket number is 1164158.

This is definitely an issue. It happen to me all the time. It is always the second attack

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Still no response from the support team. It’s been 4 days since I responded to the generic message. @Arelyna Can’t anyone from your team help me?

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I spoke with the devs the other day, and they are aware of the issue and have been looking into it. I was told that a fix would be coming in an upcoming update, but I don’t have the exact one.

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This has been a problem for several years now. Any attack spell will occasionally deal zero damage and no one has been able to identify the underlying cause. Personally I think it might be related to the delayed tower health bar status, but that could just be a separate problem.

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Thanks for taking care of this issue.
Best of luck to the devs!

I’m glad that I’m not the only one having this issue. I thought maybe I was firing too early but tested it on my Atlas Invader and got the same result on a straight run. Good to know it’s being looked into.

Yeah I agree.
Southern Cross
Summer Purification
All these spells have their random failure times and sometimes cost extra war attacks as well.
Its been an issue for last 9 months since i started atleast. I don’t know if the issue was there before.

So is there any update about the bug? The spell bug also always happenes on my corthanak, it made the mythic dragon as a joke even attack some lower level base or do xp farm. I really hope the bug can be solved in summer season.
Any news for the upgrade are highly appreciated.

the ticket No. #1217324

Merkt’s Death Stare

Earthquake is a freeze derivative

And you’re failing on merkt’s deathstare you’re firing too early on the turn, as it’s a dg derivative.

It’s still a different spell.

Nope. Fails on long straights some times.

Earthquake works better than ghostfire blast,because there have times of CD on it, the 2nd shot rarely glitch.

For ghostfire, the biggest advantage of the spell is no CD which can use 2 quick shot to seckill island, but the bug makes the 2nd shot no impact on building, the dragon drop quite easily.

Corthanak is my first mythic divine dragon that cost me lots to got it, I am so disappoint on it currently and don’t want to put into further divine mythic drags until the bug fixed.

The second cast is more likely to perma freeze the towers than to not to any damage…

Any news about this?
I just defended one of our big guys and this glitch not only freezing towers,but making impossible to use any supershots on them and they will be disabled for the rest of rounds
Imo it’s a major glitch which must be fixed with top priority,because when this dragon disabling 1/2 of Base,it’s basically wont let us use content,which we payed for(Base) and it will cost us wars,loosing troops and points in PvP events
All this is content,which we payed for
It’s not simple small glitch with spell
It affects whole game and nothing havent been done since May!
@PGCrisis any news about date when exactly it will be fixed?