Bug danger please help me

help me in the game my name is mikysnow, I turned on the game came out sync error and the game is back in time seals atlas missing missing eggs rubies missing missing clocks. structures with less levels. How do I solve? I uninstalled restarted but nothing.

Have your written a ticket to support?

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yes but I do not know what to do if I can continue the event or after I lose all the progress :sob:

Has support written back to you yet?

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Did you create a Pocket account?

Yes …


Sorry, I need a bit more context here.

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be looking at here.

in practice this afternoon I entered the game and gave me a synchronization error and once the game has restarted it is as if it had come back in time for several weeks, in fact I miss millions of xp to dragons, seals atlas and normal seals , more than 26 thousand egg tokens and not to mention rubies and months and months of watches. Everything happened between 4: 50/5: 30 pm Italian time, I have already written to the media but I have not received an answer.

Submit a ticket or tag Arelyna


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