Bug in game now!

I can’t atak on event!! Chats don’t work. PG is kidding me. So much time to break and break at the event? Fix it!!! :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:

mm that was a fun couple hours today when that happened to me. except it wasn’t fun and I hated it. even a reinstall didn’t fix not being able to attack or have chat, just had to wait hours for it to decide to work again :sob:


Same here. Was back a few minutes but not working again.

@PGGalileo @PGJared


Would you mind to continue there?


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It is a total lack of competence of these people who organize the game. Where’s the support??? many people with the event at the risk of being compromised because they do not solve the problems. Not even the atlas can attack. Then I ask you: will they cover the loss of a possible event los??? Then comes with mediocre gifts apologizing.

I have the same problem, too.

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I can’t attack anything, pvp, atlas or just a regular attack…keeps looping back…I swear every pvp gets worse and worse

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What about quests? Can’t finish them noww

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It will be worse if the whole event is compromised…