Bug...keep traveling

Cant attack some players in atlas.
Keep traveling and cant finish traveling.
Some guys already had this issue.


PG check plz.

Atlas is broken again. So often, you travel to a castle, prepared to attack and get stuck on traveling screen. As a result, you get sniped, while restarting the app, hoping to fix the glitch with that. And it’s not working.

@PGEggToken @PGNeon or whoever is responsible for Atlas these days.

Probably the same prob?

And sometime attacks not count as well :roll_eyes: i mean 2-3 player attack same target yet its not get even scratch :pleading_face:

Well i could not even trap Prims at some point since yesterday. Also tap attacks with regular shoots stop to work often, mainly happening on Isle 6 :exploding_head:

Ohhh. Same^^

that’s probably lag, unless all 2-3 of them had the same issue; unable to actually load in.

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