Bug on pvp of the event Gauntlet



Unable to select the target for the first PVP of the event. Has anyone had the same problem?


Yes :froncer les sourcils:l


If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket to our support team via the gear icon or support.wardragons.com


Made :wink:


Ticket 1428435 done


@Arelyna the problem persists


Yes always the same.
So no possibility to do the pvp, so less points and unable to help the team to win the pvp.
And frankly do only the pve, with bases lvl 130 when one is lvl 350, it’s boring.




Same problem right now, cant scroll down on attacks for pvp😥 would it help you Pg to fix it, if i tell you to use 50 mega attacks a day( that i wont🤣)


Can y’all who have reported it here try force closing and restarting the game? Our team just pushed a fix for this issue.


@Arelyna I am on IOS, I tried but it persists : Ticket #1428505


I reinstalled my game and no changes. I still have the bug.


@Arelyna this problem is that on iPad, my friend has the same problem on iPad,


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