Bug or blatant lie - dark flak with pictures after update

I mean a third option would be a Grammy award worthy level of incompetence but nuff said let me show you this @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGEggToken @PGPulse

Announced changes

Lv 49 flak after update - please note they are below the old cap (yellow line)

Here is the old cap for reference

:thinking: am I wrong or is the graph wrong?

Then announcement said they are uncapped after level 50 ok let’s double check that


40k damage for 10 Levels WHAT THE FUCK

I mean I really have to type and delete while creating this post to stay polite but heck it’s not easy…




@Warlord I believe this was a delay in the update to params during the update to v4.00. Could you check again? The correct values should be appearing now that everyone should be updated to the latest version.

@Wizzyy Is that a Run River North lyric? I love those guys :slight_smile:

@PGEggToken no one actually wants to look at their DF damage now as it’ll sink us all into a deep mire of depression looking at those pea shooter stats. Imagine you had a beautiful ferrari - you’d love looking at it. Then it went to a workshop and they returned you a broken down hunk of rusty metal…

Dark flak before:

Dark flak after:

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That’s not really what I asked…

Yep they are uncapped now for lv 50+.

Maybe you guys replace the super shot it does literally nothing now.

3m damage on dragons with 45m-50m hp. Plus dark flak resist so they do exactly 900k damage.

Well only 50-55 super shots needed to kill an Estril or Destar. No wait… we don’t have 50 chances to super shot in a defense. :slightly_frowning_face:


Some people keep saying DF resist doesn’t resist supers. Can you confirm? I think it does because these darn Leos that keep running my base were difficult to drop before and are a crap ton harder to kill now.

Well does it really matter lol?

3m out of 45m is 6.67% less health. :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

It would also take 20 to 30 seconds to shoot that much even if you had the shots.

I spent a great deal upgrading my farms and mills to level 60 when they were released. Only to have them completely nerfed a week later.

What form of compensation for being completely ripped off can I expect? My 60 farms/mills now have less HP than they did when they were 50…

Maybe so we have a chance at defeating them, wars especially.

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