Bug or Event stopping Silver chest claim?

(off topic but back on now.) I was constantly logging into the old forum apparently and I bookmarked this for future reference

My concern is with the new event currently in progress and claiming Wintertide season prizes. I thought I was bugged but this is 3rd time now that Equestor didn’t give me anything for claiming prize 2. Instead it said ‘claimed’ but nothing showed. I was waiting to see if i had claimed or forgot but I did it just recently before starting this topic and since event is ere I’ve not received any silver chests.

My question is when the event ends will I be able to claim the silver chests? Or is this a bug and I’m out of luck with my wasted sigils?

This event we have the runic chests, which replace the silver chests momentarily. You can see the silver chests back next week. So whatever you claimed or got from drops, are still there. Just hidden

Thanks a ton for the information! I was hoping they’d be there just hidden

About a million topics on this if you search “silver”




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