[BUG] Prizes and Ranks


I’m not sure if it has been discussed in the new forums yet but, there is a notification on the Prizes and Ranks tab that shows a red circled 1 there, when there is no prize to get. Anyone else still seeing this? Is this notification set to show up when your rank changes as well? Or team rank? I know it’s on the rank tab but, I have noticed it when I haven’t/the team hasn’t moved in rank.


It’s an old/known bug from personal prizes :confused:

Prize & Rank number

Yeah I knew it was on the old forum. I just didn’t want it to be forgotten about since I hadn’t seen it on here and it is triggering an OCD-like feeling of having it stare at me while playing :joy::joy::joy:.


I had a little problem about prizes today that seems related. I claimed 4 event prizes, the last one being 175 sigils cap, then went to claim the next reward in my season line. It showed me enough sigils to claim it, I pushed claim, waited a minute with the reward loading and not becoming claimed which was odd. The game crashed and I had to reload the game. When I went back ingame my sigil total was 175 sigils lower, exactly, but the last personal ranking prize was claimed. It took the game three resets until it showed me the last prize had yet to be claimed. I was about to send a ticket to helpdesk.

Now the problem is solved, I claimed my sigils and my season reward, but I thought it could be relevant to share my experience here, maybe it will avoid a little fright from future players who encounter this little bug :blush:


I’m glad I’m not the only one whose OCD is twitching over this, my tab says I have 4 unclaimed “Prizes and Ranks” and I’ve been through every tab to try to clear it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.


I’m having the same problem with that. It’s been like that from the start. It says I have 1 unclaimed prize when I go to clams it it’s not there. It goes away sometimes. But most of the time it’s there.


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