BUG reports - for 3.72



Bug status: Not reported before
Bug description: Inferno Bolt research (+15% archer super shot damage) makes no difference to archer supershot damage

Simple enough - archer damage and supershot damage same before research and after research.


Bug status: Not reported before
Bug description: The obsidian warrior spell “Isolation” doesn’t last 6 seconds from being applied to a tower, instead it lasts 6 seconds from the time the icon is clicked.

Scenario: You cast Isolation as you kill the last tower on small island, so rage can charge up, as you finish turning onto long island, you cast Isolation - it lasts 0.5 seconds, as the timer started counting down when you clicked the spell the first time, instead of when you targetted the tower.

No other spell in game that is targetable functions this way


Bug status: Unknown
Bug Description: Perches do not appear in Beta when defending/attacking - there is no perch.


Bug status: Different version of previous bug
Bug description: If you lead a base with a dragon with hellspawn (e.g. rhyo), and then follow with Kinnarus, the Kinnarus dodo is targetted by all towers, instead of the sorceror. Unlike with normal “dragon summon” spell, the dodo doesn’t die fast, instead it has a huge amount of hitpoints, effectively making Kinnarus a lot harder to kill, as no tower hits it.

Sorcerer bug / kinnarus

This also happens if apophet leads.


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