(bug) Salvaging Ascendant boots

When I try to salvage ascendant boots the game gives a pop-up that the game has encountered a sync-error. I’m not sure if this has been reported yet so I thought I’d leave this here. I hope this will be fixed the 15th when the release of ascendant gear is planned.


Having the same issue sadly. Which almost made me salvage the wrong piece too😐. Finally got a perfect (for me as in all 5 buffs apply to the 2 islands/towers on it) which would have have… been sad.

Same situation here and it is VERY annoying

Sorry folks! Looking into this now…


So far we’ve seen reports of the following error messages when trying to salvage ascendant boots. is anyone else seeing a different error message?

Please correct the amount of resources returned when salvaging at the same time. :pray:

I’ve already salvaged all of mine that had useless substats. :see_no_evil:

Can I have some back if this will happen? :joy:

Every single time

Early !
Let’s put up more … :joy:

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Our team just released a fix for this issue. If this issue is still ongoing, please let me know.