Bug using inactive dragons in events but unable to add to roaster?

Hi! In assault I can use amarok, but assigning a rider needs me to add it to roaster, since its inactive its not possible, how come and why can I still use it in event? The annoying part now is I have to wait 5h since it. Eeds to heal first (unable to use potions as well on it)

You can go into the attack screen and heal the dragon. Then exit back to event without flying the base. You will be able to add the healthy dragon to your roster


Yup, just to expand on the answer given.

The reason you can’t add the dragon to your roster is due to it healing most likely. The only way to heal a dragon not in your roster as far as I know is to go through the motions like you are about to attack in the event and back out after you heal but before you attack. (As mentioned)

You can also wait it out, but I know it can be hard to not try again while while waiting and extend the time it takes to heal.

I believe you can also look the dragon up in the den and heal it there.

'Fraid not. Wish that would be added for situations like this (plus Temple Raid, Team assault, etc)

Yeah, my mistake. I’ve done that for training, but not healing.

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I never used riders for assault. It is very possible to finish em without riders;)

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