Bug when using multiple plrimarchs

When you have multiple primwrchs on the same island the system will sometimes randomly toggle between them and auto select one to use even after an attack has commenced or visually they have one selected. @pgdave @pgecho this makes it almost impossible to use multiple primarchs at once.


Taunter looks like a Rusher, then a Taunter again. The change happens when another player leaves or joins the circle, causing everyone to shift.

The dreaded my seiger turned into a rusher mid attack even though I haven’t touched it. Been there, got the t-shirt.

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I dont think Harv would have this problem if he attacked the level 5 islands though.


Is that likely?

@Panda We saw a number of reports of this happening over the weekend, so it’s likely that it has to do with the lag issues with high battle activity on some castles during events. v4.15 should be helping alleviate most of these issues, but if this continues to occur after the update, make sure to report it so we can investigate further.

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