Bug with egg missions and riders that are on a mission

If you send a rider on a mission, that dragon isn’t usable for 12 hrs.

But there are still egg missions that need that dragon :joy::joy:

Please fix

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Please. This is ridiculous.

Just take that dragon off of your roster and put him in the castle? Does that work?

Who even does rider missions? Those are more useless then the Team Quests rofl, tie your rider for 12 hours to get 75 egg tokens haha… Not to mention that Rider power is ridiculous and the only way to do 5 star missions is to have fully legendary equipped and upgraded rider. Rofl, even then you only get 375 egg tokens hahahaha… I love how the uproar about Team Quests has taken all the focus of the community while other things are even worse.

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Spell BULL

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