Bugged Base in War - need a fix ASAP


This was discussed in another thread that was closed for trolling.

There is a base in our war that will not allow us to attack. When you click to attack the base it goes straight to the victory screen, but only gives 3 flames. Seeing as wars end in a little over three hours we would like this sorted ASAP.


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Cannot attack due to inactivity or banned

Only gives 3 flames*


Yes. I fixed that error. Thanks.


I was awarded trophies just for looking at his base, something wonky there.


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Let me get this straight haha @PGJared has time to close a thread but not enough time to see this is probably an issue…nice.


I tagged them. We seem be getting ignored no matter what avenue we push this. If this bullshit isn’t fixed I will lose it.


Hey folks, our team is looking into this. We can’t promise a fix before the war ends, but we are looking into it to determine if this is a bug or a cheat and what actions need to be taken to resolve this.


@PGJared with 3 hours left until war end this issue has yet to be resolved.


It is a simple fix. It is unfair that the player is able to do their war hit but we are not. The only fix is to remove that said player from the team.


@pgjared cant you just remove the player and put him back in the team. Would give dread the 5 flames and you can investigate after.

Or ask the monsters to do it.


So the alternative is let the war end as it stands? Seems like it would be easiest to just remove the player and then add him back in. The investigation can happen at any time.


So to give context to this, this was from a team that has a track record for bans and exploits, MonstersDesert. So you add that to them working with NMO who has had at least 8 people banned since they arrived in Diamond and have had two people known to actively hack (Castix and Cody) on their team, all in the efforts to help Royal Road with their war. How you war and who wants to declare on who is personal choice but these things seem to be outside the scope of the intended gameplay. At some point, this probably needs a general overhaul from the PG end to determine how they are going to handle issues like this moving forward in a more preventative vs reactionary manner, perhaps?


Honestly, given the way they do things, asking them to is probably way too much. That is like asking a serial killer if he can chill on the murdering people business, they can’t help it.


Current situation…


The effort wasn’t even there to defend because they knew they had a glitched player when they declared. I find it very disgusting.


223 defends. nicely done


So a team like MonstersDesert declares on Dread, a team they could never hope to win against legitimately, and they just happen to have a glitched base? Sketchy af. It will be a huge blight on PG if they allow Dread to lose a war in this manner. Remove the player for goodness sake.


It’s alright. Team PG is twiddling their thumbs not giving a hoot about our problems while we continue to contribute to their paychecks. I see how it is. Best support staff eeeeveeeerrrrrrr


@PGJared @PGEggToken 2 hours and 20 minutes remaining in the war. I refuse to accept a loss due to a blatant exploit from a team with an extensive history of hacking and exploiting.