Buggy Alliance chat for years

I will start with a disclaimer that this is not at all a call-out thread. It just happens that this is the Alliance chat I see almost every day unless I wipe my cache and data from my game and I’m growing tired of not seeing my actual alliance chat without selling my soul in the process.

There have been variants of this bug with players losing their alliance chat (tab missing) but I think I also remember the leadership of this alliance (when it was active) complaining about glitches and teamless players getting into their alliance, or even players like me belonging to another team and another alliance, sometimes on opposite sides of Atlas.
Lately this chat is always empty, hopefully abandoned, and if that’s the case I wish it would be deleted if that can solve my and maybe others’ issue (no offense meant if that chat is still active).

I contacted support about it, but that was probably years ago. No solution ever worked in the long term so I stopped caring, but it becomes annoying nowadays when I can’t even change two graphical settings (numbers and trees in battle because I dislike the distracting clutter) and the mandatory restart without losing my alliance chat!

I don’t know what to do to fix it. I tried leaving my team and rejoining, it didn’t work (thought not my current team yet). I’ve logged out countless times, and done sacrifices to dark spirits on moonless nights and offerings to gods to no avail.

The only thing that works for one game session is wiping all data, which is not a simple solution and quite annoying.

Is there anyone else who is encountering this issue or who has encountered it before? What did you do to solve it? How does it affect your team or gameplay? (I’ve been slapped on the wrist before because of this crap personally)

Please speak up so something can be started, the more people show up, the likelier it could be fixed (one can dream right?).

Even if nothing happens at the end, in my opinion it’s worth a try to raise awareness about this issue.

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Thank you for reading.


I have had this problem for 3 years now. I try to get it fixed every so often but nothing ever works. Its become a joke to me. If i remember correctly PG stopped answering me for a while because I kept askingif they were ever going to fix it. I miss out on so much of atlas because of this, yet they cant fit it.
I have a friend that will fill me in on the chat when something is going on. My current team doesn’t know much about the problem yet, so i will find out what trouble i get into for missing events.

Wow. I remember you complaining about this like two years ago. I can’t believe it’s not fixed! :exploding_head:

Probably because I haven’t complained to the right people… But that’s history now! I’m going to do my best to move things around! Hopefully the roots of the issue will be found and fixed…


All of the chat windows seem to be buggy.

Even my normal one will generally start up with things from 7 days ago, strangely I can only scroll down to stuff that is 5 days old.

And sometimes it loads up in real time.

I guess that’s why the community generally use line app because the internal chat system doesn’t work

My only personal complain about alliances chat is that sometimes when someone @group i don’t seem to get it, happens at random but is annoying.

I mean not really line has so many advantages that games chats will never have.

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