Buggy Atlas Gameplay

I am sure many of us have raised the issue many times in past. but the Atlas Gameplay for Android User is very bad. It’s so bad that even if I join a normal attack or atlas attack (beast included), the next attack will have approx 10 min responding notifications. how does one play in such conditions. I had shared video of same to PG but no response has been received
This is my final call for help.


It sometimes depends on your phone RAM and how much it can take… I had Asus ROG 5 back in days…and it never lagged for me…(now an ios user)

Hm yes. I play on two different phones, my current one (8GB ram) and my previous one (4GB ram)
On my current one I get an “app not responding” pop-up after every single atlas attack, both vs beasts and players.
On my previous phone it works just fine (although the app crashes if the battery gets too low)

Even funnier, on the newer phone I regulary get the bug where it doesnt load all tower icons on the attack screen and on the older, less ram-having phone I havent gotten that one yet

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I had the same problems for ages. Always using a current model android. I was told by support my phone needed more RAM. Which is ridiculous. The game runs horribly on Android.

If you like the game enough, find a cheap basic ipad. The game functions as it should. I don’t regret paying for one.