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The New Forum (which I’m liking very much, migration issues aside… :sweat: ) seems to be missing the Bugs and Feedback section which the Old Forum had. I’m sure this isn’t simply an oversight. Can someone from PG let us know what our recommended method is for highlighting bugs? and please don’t say open an in-game ticket…



Thanks to the new forum the game won’t have any bugs in the future…


:lol: do You really think … :crazy_face:


Thanks for pointing this out. We’re still in the process of setting things up – hopefully it’ll be in a good place soon.


Hey there, @UnseatedDonkey. We’ve reduced the number of categories down to reduce clutter in the new forum – less is more. The rationale behind it was that bugs and feedback can apply to so many different parts of the game that we were seeing multiple posts for the same issues in a bunch of different subforums, making it difficult to track. For now, bugs and feedback can be shared in the general forum. I’ll be working on getting tags set up for these so we can sort them more easily. If this turns out to be ineffective, I can always make a new Bugs category just like we had before.

Need a bug report section

Thanks to both of you @pgCampusLifer and @PGEggToken. Glad to hear that you have things in hand.


To piggy-back of EggToken here; basically every bug went into General on the old forum anyways. Instead of trying to police folks to use the correct subforum we’d rather just increase searchability.


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