Bugs/glitches have gotten very bad over last 2 weeks

Over the last 2 week, maybe longer Idk when backing someone on Xp runs will have to swap out at 99% because destroying that last home area with storage, incubator, etc will immediately kick the first attacker.
This has been happening with a ton of members for awhile now.

Sync errors are back! Or did they ever go anywhere? Lol idk but this personally has happened to me and not from claiming to fast…Sometimes claiming one prize on sigil, Sync error! Then it kicks you out & have to claim it again only to get the same error.

Sometimes towers are invisible or you cannot see dragon in some attacks.

Event has had its own issues too!
I’ve had 3 different members who could care less to put in a ticket! (They are not looking for any reimbursement) lose 20 energy & fire from attacking at end of PVP island usually it’ll have a screen that shows you it’s over and this is what you get back, didn’t happen! And have watched even exiting out and returning and never received the energy of fire back!
Another member on IOS with a newer device and WiFi was immediately kicked from game it crashed while launching the wildfire attack…Puts in ticket for support to look at it and of course gets the its his fault, bad connection and won’t reimburse the wildfire attack.

Idk maybe it’s always this bad but just really seems like over the last 2 weeks, bugs/glitches and game crashing have been terrible!


Some newer dragons crash the game when firing. They get that 4 sec hang line Opes gets when finishing the invader, it goes black and then to home screen.

Your teammates, as well as yourself, would be best to submit tickets to our support team simply based on the fact that they can track reports and recall information in an organized way through the support portal. Posting on the Forums that things are terrible doesn’t yield any productive results that we can use to even try and assess the problem. Please submit a ticket when you experience more sync errors or other issues than usual - it helps a great deal to our team when we bring these reports to them for investigation.


I have been getting them to i just simply just open the chests again to get same prizes

Yeah the member who lost his wildfire attack, all 80 flames did make a ticket but support just blamed it on him & his connection even though a lot of members have experienced problems with being kicked before or at the end of an attack.

After I made this Idk maybe 10 hours ago…I’ve had about 5-6 more sync errors…Sometimes as soon as I log in. Not claiming anything or doing much and it’ll just restart.
I’m not sure I remember sync errors ever being this bad.

I don’t like putting in many tickets usually just frustrated with the replies back but I Honestly wasn’t trying to bash the game…Figured it might help to let it be known about all the sync errors & being kicked from attacks.

This happen to me too while doing my wildfire attack. Back up got disconnected. So I got disconnected too :man_shrugging:. I did not bother to put a ticket too? Why? It doesn’t even matter. You would not even compensated for it. By the time the “investigation” is finish, the event might have ended as well.
Why am I here?
I just want to vent my frustration :roll_eyes:.

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Yep my thoughts exactly…I usually only put in tickets if it’s a very big deal because nothing happens.

I have to say that support is not very sharp. Standard reply is it is our issue, delete game, power cycle device, reinstall.

I even had them tell me it will be fixed in the next patch and provided a link to what was essentially a dev tracker. After I replied that the provided link had not been updated in 8 months CS responded that I needed to delete the game, power cycle my device and reinstall. LOL.

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Ohh. This one keeps on happening too.

I think this will be the new normal.

I’ve been getting a lot of sync errors as soon as I log in…I’ll open game and it’ll immediately have error message pop up & will restart game.

On top of the in game errors, the forum button switched to the login screen again. :sweat:

Today have been getting a lot of sync errors/game restarting when trying to load event.
By A lot I mean it’s happened multiple times just within last 4-6 hours.

@PGCrisis I only made this thread to make the team aware of some of these issues…No other reason.
Nobody is going to make a ticket for a lot of this because that’s just not reality it’d be 10-15 tickets a day.
I just figured it’d be easier to relay the message this way and it
Could be passed to whoever handles it :+1:

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Bump!!! @PGCrisis

Had every intention of letting this thread die out…I figured things would be better by now?but for me and a lot of teammates the game is basically unplayable. It just seems to be getting worse day by day.

Sync error after Sync error sometimes not even making a single action get error and restart.
Atleast 50 times over the past 3-5 days just
For me I’ve gotten sync errors just from
Trying to load up event.

While attacking/following get errors, crashes or just kicks you from attacks.

It seemed like just a month or 2 ago I was posting in a thread about not ever hving these problems and having minimal kicks/lag but recently it’s been horrible and nothing has changed, everything up to date, IOS and same WiFi & Provider.
50% of the time attacks will be such bad lag it moves in choppy sections.

I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s bad! And I hope some kind of fix is in place?
And like I said lots of teammates having tons of problems with Lag, Sync errors and being kicked from attacks.
On every single Xp run can only complete 99% because when hitting the home island it will automatically kick the initial attacker.

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