Bugs in battle during 4.21

There are a few intermittent battle glitches since the last update, surfacing mostly in battles with a backer and defenders.

Problem 1: Certain towers (mostly blue mages, in my experience) will appear to defenders to not be destroyed, even when destroyed; they persist on the map with a sliver of grey health, probably indicating their status right before they received the final blow.

Problem 2: When the primary attacker watches the backer, it sometimes appears as though all the backer’s attacks occur after the backer’s dragon flies past the island it is attacking.

Problem 3: Usually occurs after problem 1 or 2: at the end of the battle, the game freezes indefinitely and requires a switch to background and return to game to unfreeze.

These do not appear to affect battle results. My team had a war today, so it was pretty noticeable; 4-5 people mentioned it. I have not seen this happen in non-war attacks.


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All of these things have happened to me even prior to the update but the towers not being destroyed (usually followed by a disconnect) is definitely more frequent since the update.

I can probably dig up a screen shot of the towers with their health being greyed out if it will help.


Do the towers still attack?

My experience with the grayed out building or health makes me think the defenders dropped a hammer that “took effect” in the same instant the tower was killed, so there is a conflict between what the defender’s client(s) are reporting and what the attacker’s client is reporting.

The attacker gets priority in these conflicts, so the tower is dead, but it does not appear to be (and you cannot kill it, since it is, from the attacker’s POV, already dead). This has not caused me to miss getting 100% (so far).

As for the invisible towers, I have seen this too, mostly with mages. I have had a couple of instances where the tower was not there at all, and I could not kill it. In at least two cases, it was a red mage, so I could see the shield, and the SS would hit me, but I could not kill the tower, even though I knew where it was. In one case, it was a sorcerer, so I couldn’t even shoot the tower, and the only AOE I had was red. In the other case, it was a hunter, and the tower would not die, not matter how many times I shot it. In both of the red mage instances, I did not have a follower and there was no defender.

Was weird. Has not happened enough for me to be frustrated by it, and it was not a war attack. But I didn’t get 100% either.

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My experience is the towers get killed from the active flyer’s perspective but not for the observer. The frustrating part for me is recently this has led to the dreaded “lost connection” message after the base is killed and the person leading does not get credit for the flight.

Happened in war hits last night, also xp runs which makes me cranky if I have an XP boost running.


Good questions!

I don’t think the towers attack.

They don’t prevent 100% / 5 war flames that you would otherwise get, in my experience.

I’ve tried dropping a hammer on the grey towers. No building HP was restored.

I’ve occasionally had invisible towers, but not in conjunction with the problems mentioned; it’s probably a different bug.

From my experience , certain farms and towers were left with grey health even with no backer and defender, nor any adjacent farms to heal them.
This happens to me almost everytime i run on Haloxp on the farm beside seagazer perch. it sucks. It happens sometimes at random places. its kinda annoying.


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