Bugs in my game


I’m having a problem where I can’t join my new guild in the coliseum, because the game still says that I’m with my old one. I’ve tried clearing the catch and resetting the game, but it still didn’t work. Also there are some basic chest I’m not getting from raids.


You’re locked into the team you first earned points with. You can’t jump teams in the middle of an event.


But the first event that I was with my old guild, was done 2 days ago, and they made new rosters, but I still have the problem


Events typically run Thurs-Mon. There is no event that ended 2 days ago. I’m not exactly sure what you mean.


it’s this one. I left that guild, but it says that I’m still bound to it, even though it’s been 2 days.


If you did ANY attacks this event with another team, you cannot earn points with a second team. Period.


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