Bugs or Changes or What..?

Since yesterday afternoon, things have been getting weirder and weirder on my game…
1st) I only have two packs containing gems available for purchase at the store. One is a $5 pack with 800 gems and a few odds and ends, and the other is a $99.99 pack with 25k gems, 100 heals, 40 battle cry, 800 tokens and 140ish dragon hp boosts. No one else on my team has these packs. I know it was $100 for 36k gems but im not sure how many extra prizes came with it. Would love to buy a $20 pack maybe…
2nd) Then i noticed my forge items are all shuffled around and there’s a Super Speedup Pack at the very bottom, but it says that you must have a lvl 999 forge to be able to create it… it doesnt bother me, but something is amiss.
3rd) And last(probably not) but not least (definitely not), WD has decided to stop hiding bronze chests in monuments and to go back to giving 10 gems. Idk about you guys, but food is scarce in my area and im doing a ridiculous amount of attacks to gather event food and this terribly timed bronze chest embargo is killing my healing potion count (perpetually zero), im not gaining any of the small 25 sigil chests that slowly add up and not getting any 25k food packs (woohoo). On a possitive note, i do get around 30 gems in 2 runs, but hell, id buy gems if i wanted gems (or i would if they were available in my store…)
Ive submitted a help ticket for the chests and the forge and a computer responded to both tickets with it’s infuriatingly nice auto-response, but now that i think about it, i haven’t gotten a reply to the any of the last handful of help tickets ive submitted. They normally just work themselves out in time, but this time, i have no time! Hoping the forums will be more helpful. Sorry soooo long.


@PGDave and all the @PGPeoples, any ideas? Im sure delete and reinstall… might as well go ahead and do that i guess!

About chests, check this

By doing what FLAKnIceHole did you may even end up fixing the other problems, who knows :eyes:

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Just got back from the ol’ “delete/reinstall game” game. And so far:
1). Cured. All packs are as they should be.
2). The forge is back in order aside from that it still says an upgrade is “coming soon” after years…
3). Chests are back. Never thought id be so happy to see a bronze chest.
SOLUTION: Delete and Re-install
Edit: The reinstall fixed a lot of other things. My fire flak no longer has a black box under it, little green crosses fly into my dragons now when they gain health and my water has become much more detailed. If you have number of small issues, i recommend the delete/re-install.

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